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Welcome to the    Term!!!      


 Friday 10th July 2020  


Well, it's goodbye from you....

Thank you lovely Year 6 xx






Here are the answers for Arithmetic Thursday. You will need to scroll down through papers 1 and 2 and the answers are at the end.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! 

 Arithmetci Thursday Paper 3 Answers.pdfDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Paper 1 Answers.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Paper 2 Answers.docDownload
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 Thursday 11th June 2020  

Good Morning Year 6!


As I said in the video, we are good to go back to school on Monday 15th so today will be the last day that I upload work on the website. Now, I know I have said this before and then popped back up with an english task and some arithmetic, but we will definitely be back on Monday so this is it for now. I will of course, put videos on from time to time and the email address is still there at the top of the page, so those of you at home, please feel free to send in any pictures of the things that you have been doing or even a quick hello would be lovely.


Let's get to today's learning as I know you all enjoy an Arithmetic Thursday. There are 3 papers to choose from so decide which one you like the look of and have a go. Remember, it's good to give yourself a bit of a challenge, so if you're finding you can answer most of the questions without having to think too much, then maybe try a different paper.

 Arithmetic Thursday Paper 1.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Paper 2 .docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Paper 3.pdfDownload
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Well done to all of you who have been on Diagnostic Questions this week. It seems that this question gave lots of you a bit of a problem. 



You needed to remember that we always multiply a decimal by 100 to find the equivalent percentage. Well done Jav-el did, you got this one right!


This one was also a bit tricky for you.


A  This is obviously 25% as we know this as an equivalent percentage. 25 out of 100 is 25%

B. We also know that 25% is equivalent to 1/4. 1 out of 4 is 25%

C  75/300 requires a bit more thinking. To look at a percentage, it is easier if the denominator is 100, then as Max told us, the numerator is going to be the percentage. For this fraction, we divide by 3 to make the denominator 100 and this gives us 25/100, which is the same as answer A. 

D This is incorrect. 25/75 when simplified comes out as 1/3 and we all know that 1/3 is not equivalent to 25%.


Well done to Farrah, Otto and Jav-el who got this one right, Farrah even told me answer D was 1/3!


There will be some photos below that you have sent in and I will post the answers to the arithmetic later on today. 

Goodbye for now,  I'll be in touch on here soon and for those of you coming back to school on Monday, I apologise in advance for my hair and absolutely cannot wait to see you all...from a socially acceptable distance!


Much love


Albie has sent in some great pictures of Frank and Norman hiding - I think maybe they want to think carefully about how well they disguise themselves!

Shaniyah has been working on some really creative artwork. The finished piece is stunning.

Jav-el has sent in some of his English work from last week, it's a really interesting read Jav-el.

Scarlett has been out and about for a socially distanced meet up with Farrah as well as making a game on Scratch.

Noor has worked incredibly hard (as always ) and has interviewed her aunt for memories about her grandmother. It is a lovely presentation Noor, thank you for all of your hard work.

A recount of my grandmother Peggy aka. Gaga English weekly task.pdf

. Monday 8th June 2020  

Good Morning Year 6


Well, here we are again, so let's begin with a thumbs up before we check in. So please give a thumbs up if:    

  • you got wet yesterday when it rained unexpectedly
  • someone has given you a lockdown haircut
  • you have made a cake in the last week
  • you are having lunch outside today.

Well, like most weeks, I am feeling green and orange today. Green because the dog finally had her hair cut on Friday and it is now no longer like walking a mop. She gets very spritely when she's had a haircut so is springing round the house. I am also a little bit orange because I managed to meet a friend for a socially distanced walk on Sunday which was really lovely. We exchanged some lockdown baking tips, so I might give them a go this week.


This week's learning is below and starts with the English tasks. I think you'll enjoy thinking about task 5 this week and the changes you can make.

 English Weekly-08.06.2020.docxDownload
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Below find the Maths for this week, which starts where we left off, with sequences. The first lesson starts with function machines which you were all really good at. In fact, I remember Oscar, Scarlett and Albie making some really good problems for us to solve with their function machines. As usual, please email with any questions you find tricky and remember to watch the videos online at the White Rose website. I have also set some Diagnostic Questions quizzes for you to have a go at and there's Sumdog too if you're feeling like you need some more maths!


Lesson 1 Find a Rule




Lesson 2 Forming Expressions




Lesson 3 Substitution




Lesson 4 Solve Simple One Step Equations




Arithmetic Thursday questions will be arriving, of course on Thursday, so keep an eye out for them.


I will put the photos on a bit later, so check back to see all the lovely things that you have been up to.


Have a great week and I'll be in touch on Thursday.


  Thursday 4th June 2020  

Well hello there Year 6


Here are the answers to the Arithmetic Thursday questions from earlier. By now you will know that school is not opening on Monday, so I will be back here again with a video and some work for you bright and early!


Take care and have a lovely weekend.


 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 04.06.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 Answers 04.06.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 04.06.2020.docxDownload
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Good Morning Year 6


Firstly, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Sophia for Saturday! Have a really lovely birthday and know that I am singing to you - you can cover your ears, I won't be offended!

So, as I have already said, today will be the last day for putting work work on the webpage and here are three Arithmetic Thursday papers for you to enjoy. You know how it works by now, the majority of you should have a go at number 2 and any others you fancy!

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 04.06.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 04.06.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 04.06.2020.docxDownload
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Here are a couple of questions that people found tricky on the Diagnostic Website quizzes this week.

Now, this one requires no calculations whatsoever and you can do it without using the addition to help you.

When you look at the fraction, you can see that it is below 1, therefore the only decimal answer that is below 1 is answer D. Remember, I'm always looking for the easy way to do things.

Well done Noor, Oscar, Rafi, Otto and Max, you got this one right!


This one seemed to cause a bit of confusion this week too. A, B and D are showing 3/5 of a whole and C is the odd one out.

A has 6 squares out of 10 shaded which is equivalent to 3/5.

B has 3 out of five which is 3/5

D tells you it is three fifths!

C is 6% which is the same as 6/100 which equivalent to 3/50.

If it had been 60% then it would have been equivalent to 60/100 = 6/10 = 3/5

Well done to Evey, Otto, Jav-el and Rafi for getting this one right.


A big well done this week to Josh who is our top player on Sumdog - congratulations Josh!!

Rafi has competed in the Sussex Junior Chess tournament over half term. Even in these times of social distancing he has found a way to play his tournaments online, winning 3 of his 5 matches - well done Rafi, I am  presenting you with a virtual trophy. 

Below are some photos of all the hard work you have been up to, but before you scroll down I'd like to say a big well done to all of you for working so hard during this time of home learning. I've said it before, but you really are a brilliant bunch and I couldn't be prouder of all of you!


Take care my friends


  Photo Update  

Rafi has sent in some pictures of all the hard work he has been doing, including an amazing cake. It looks delicious from both the outside and the inside! 

Scarlett has been busy in trees again this week as well as working on The Midnight Fox.

Noor has worked incredibly hard on the DooWop to HipHop project. She has written a film review of Back to the Future (a favourite in my house) and her Bee Free poem is a thing of beauty - well done Noor. Not only did I really enjoy the poem - it was o beautifully written, but the yellow background made my day!

free bees poem.pdf

Back to the future fictional and fantastical blockbuster film reviw perfect.pdf

Otto sent in this lovely piece of writing before the holiday - apologies Otto, somehow I missed putting it on!

Jav-el has enjoyed creating some beautiful artwork over the holiday - very creative as always Jav-el

Kit and his family have enjoyed watching the short films from this website:

They've particularly enjoyed,  Ocean Trash, Free Ride at Home, My Mum Vala and Danny's Wee Day Out.

Thank you for sending those in Kit, it's always good to have recommendations!

  Monday 1st June 2020  

Good Morning Year 6!


Welcome back and I hope you've had a lovely half term - what a scorcher!

Let's check in and see how we're all doing, but first, please give a thumbs up if:      

  • you have been in any sort of water this holiday, beach, paddling pool, bath 
  • you have eaten ice cream to keep you cool
  • you have video chatted with anyone over the half term 
  • you are having lunch outside today. 


Today I am feeling completely green. I enjoyed the gorgeous weather we had in the half term and spent some lovely time with my children, walking, tackling some embroidery and having a family swim in the sea, including the dog! It is the dog's birthday on Friday and to celebrate she is having her hair cut. I'm so pleased as she's super hairy at the moment - Friday will be a treat for all of us!


So, down to business. Here is the weekly English task for you. As always, there are five separate tasks, with the bigger writing ones on day four and day five. I am attaching a checklist to help organise task four that you may find useful.

 English Weekly-01.06.2020.docxDownload
 Magazine Article Checklist.docxDownload
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Here are this week's Maths lessons from the White Rose. Remember, watch the videos at the link above and then try the worksheets below. As always, if you find any of them tricky, email me and I will help you.


Lesson 1 - Fractions to Percentages




Lesson 2 - Equivalent Fractions, Decimals and Percentages




Lesson 3 - Order Fractions, Decimals and Percentages




Lesson 4 - Percentage of an Amount




Lesson 5 - Maths Challenge

Coming soon!


I have also set some Diagnostic Question Quizzes for you to have a go at. These are also about fractions, decimals and percentages which we have already covered in school so I hope you won't find them too tricky.


Peddy recently discovered that Charanga, the online music package which we subscribe to, offers free learning packages for every child that wants to learn an instrument. This is fantastic news, as since Mick's departure we've had lots of queries about learning instruments but the lessons didn't get underway before lockdown came into force.
Peddy has have created class login details for each year group and you can find Year 6's below. Some of you have already been using these details for the online music lessons that she shares. There are more than 20 instruments to choose from, so have a look!


Have a great start to the week Year 6 and please remember to send in any pictures of your hard work, or just of you enjoying yourselves - it's so lovely to hear from you and see you too!


Take care





Hello Year 6

We've made it to half term! Well done for all your fantastic hard work - I'm so proud of you all.

I'll be back on here on 1st of June so look out for a new video. In the meantime, relax and enjoy yourselves in whatever way you can. The weather looks like it will be good!


Stay safe Year 6,



 Thursday 21st May 2020  

Here are the answers for Arithmetic Thursday - if you're not sure about any of the questions,  just let me know and I can explain them to you!

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 21.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 Answers 21.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 21.05.2020.docxDownload
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Jav-el hs been working hard on the DooWop to HipHop project as well a this week's English task.

Farrah has been enjoying the beach in this lovely weather as well as cracking on with her work around space. I'd love to play the game and I want everyone to notice the homemade dice!

Sophia is showcasing her very impressive contortion skills, managing a smile through her feet whilst upside down! She has also begun tie-dying cupcake cases.

Thanya has sent through some of her work on the solar system - apologies Thanya, you sent this last week and I somehow missed putting it on. Here's a pompom for being so patient with me! 

Albie has worked hard on his presentation on the Moon. I cannot believe wind nearly stopped that historic event being televised - a great fact Albie.

 THE MOON.pptxDownload
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Noor has also been busy. Check out her Space Soup Oddity  below. Always so creative Noor!

Good Morning Year 6


As I said in the video it is Arithmetic Thursday, so there are three papers from you to choose from below. As always I will put the answers on later in the day and if there are any questions you find tricky please email me and I can go through them.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 21.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 21.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 21.05.2020.docxDownload
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Here's the Music and Spanish from Peddy.

 Year 6 - Music and Spanish 21.05.20.pptxDownload
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As I said in the video, I am really proud of you for working so hard on the Diagnostic Questions quizzes. Here are explanations for the two that seemed to be the trickiest this week.


Well done to Gabrielius and Max who got this one right!






Well done to Noor and Farrah who got this one right!











Hope that's clearer for those of you who found the questions tricky.

Keep you eyes out later for pictures later and I want you to know that you have worked really hard this half term and I am incredibly proud of you.

 Have a really lovely break - it looks like it will be sunny! 

Take care


. Monday 18th May 2020  

Noor has worked incredibly hard on the English task last week and the picture from book really inspired her to do lots of research. She thought carefully about Task 5 and made a very moving video about the homeless problem in Brighton. She has explained her thoughts in a piece of writing to accompany it. Well done Noor, I can see you have worked so hard and have been really thoughtful in your work this week.

Scarlett has been researching for last week's English task and produced a beautiful image of the suffragettes. She has also found time for a little bit of tree climbing - I think there's always time for a bit of tree climbing!

Josh has made the most professional looking leaflet about Brighton. It would definitely tempt people to visit if we sent it out! He's also worked hard on his space project - the comic strip is genius!

Albie has already had a go at Task 5 of this week's english work. I love the use of 'sitting lazily' and wasn't ready for the ending - great work Albie!

Sophia has been working hard on the second part of the DooWop to Hip Hip project. She's also found some antique pottery and amber pieces on walk last week.

Jav-el has been out and about cycling and  swinging in the park amongst the bluebells! He's also made some space inspired asteroid cakes - delicious.

Good Morning Year 6!


Welcome to Monday and I hope you had a lovely weekend?                 

Let’s check in and start with a thumbs up if:


  • you enjoyed the English tasks last week around the Suffragettes
  • you have eaten something that you have cooked this week
  • you have spoken to someone via a video call this week
  • you had a red lunch yesterday?


Well, I am feeling a lot  green and a little blue today as this weekend I painted by bedroom and the colour wasn’t quite what I thought it would be. I will live with it for a bit to see if it grows on me - I’m fairly confident it won’t! Apart from that, it has been a quiet and relaxing weekend with a bit of dog walking and a lot of dog grooming - her lockdown hair is growing all out of control and she is now twice her normal size from excess hair!


Here is the English task for this week which I hope you enjoy. It is based on a book called The Midnight Fox by Betsy Byars. 

To help you with task 5, I think it would be useful to watch this BBC Bitesize lesson on personification in settings. I love the first video on noun phrases - you’ll know why when you watch it - big up, big up my original writers, do the noun phrase bounce!


 English Weekly 18.05.2020.docxDownload
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The White Rose maths lessons can be found below, just click on the colourful links and watch the videos at the White Rose website. I’m expecting to you enjoy this week as it is a topic we have already covered. Remember, if you are finding it tricky, you can email me and I will explain it to you. You can also watch the BBC Bitesize lesson as they are linked to the White Rose.


Lesson 1 Multiply and Divide by 10, 100 and 1,000




Lesson 2 Multiply Decimals by Integers




Lesson 3 Divide Decimals by Integers




Lesson 4 Decimals as Fractions 




Lesson 5 Maths Challenge

Coming soon!


I have also set some Diagnostic Question quizzes this week for you.They are based on last week's White Rose lessons, so look out for fractions! There's also Sumdog to play as well, if you're feeling like you have some spare time. You are all working so hard, I'm incredibly proud of you!


I am going to put the lovely pictures I have been sent this weekend on here a bit later, so keep your eyes out and enjoy your Monday.



  Thursday 14th May 2020  

Here are the answers for Arithmetic Thursday - check carefully and if you're not sure why something is wrong, you can email me.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 14.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 Answers 14.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 14.05.2020.docxDownload
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Good Morning Year 6


Welcome to Thursday and as we all know it is Arithmetic Thursday. Here are today's three quizzes for you to choose from. Remember, the best one for the majority of the class is paper 2. It has enough of a challenge to get you using a lot of your maths. I'll put the answers on later today.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 14.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 14.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 14.05.2020.docxDownload
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I'm also putting on the next part of our DooWop to Hip Hop topic for you to get creative with. There's also a design sheet to help you with task 2 - enjoy!

 1950s and 60s-2.docxDownload
 1970s fashion design-general.docDownload
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Here is your weekly Music and Spanish from Peddy.

 Year 6 Music and Spanish 14.05.20.pptxDownload
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I have picked two maths questions to look at today that seem to have been giving people a bit of trouble this week.

The first is from Tuesday's White Rose lesson:





The next one is from the Diagnostic Questions quiz that I set this week:














The best way to explain the answer to this question is to draw a bar model.

The one below shows the answer.



It's been great to see so many pictures of the things you have been up to at home this week. Lots of you have enjoyed the English tasks and I'm pleased to see the DooWop to Hip Hop topic work too.

A big well done this week to Jav-el, Scarlett, Oscar and Maya who are this week's top players on Sumdog. Also well done to Otto, Farrah, Freya, Evey and Kit who have worked hard at the Diagnostic Questions this week too. I know Mack is having a busy week, so well done for all your hard work.

There are photos below and I'll be back on Monday with more business for you!


Take care and stay safe Year 6!         



Scarlett has been baking delicious looking cakes again and flying her kite in a beautiful sky.

Sophia has enjoyed the English task this week and has been working very hard on the White Rose maths - well done Sophia!

Kit has written a book review on Holes which he was reading last week and was recommended to him by Albie (great recommendation!)

Just look at that amazing sky he saw on a walk this week - beautiful!

Otto has also enjoyed the English task this week. Look at Emily Davison being trampled by a horse!

Albie has made a great poster about Mods and Rockers - which one would you have been?

  Monday 11th May 2020  

Oscar has sent in two links to help you with this week's English task - thank you Oscar and here they are:


Here are today's great photos of what you have been up to.

Evey has been cooking and practising her gymnastic skills - lucky to have been in the sea too!

Shaniyah has sent in some pictures of her topic work. The presentation is excellent Shaniyah - I'm very impressed! 

Noor has been very busy this week. She has used an amazing border to frame her work about The Rooftoppers - it's very effective Noor, making your work really stand out. She has also made a great game about the planets to play, which involves a spinner and a presentation on how to play. The game looks incredible and I really can't wait to play it. There's  a link to the powerpoint below plus her guide to Paris. 


madelines paris guide.pptx

Jav-el has produced a great guide to Brighton. It has beautiful illustrations to go with the information.

Lola has sent in some of the work that she has been doing - fantastic artwork Lola!

It looks like Maya has been busy painting and having a walk by the sea - she also had a relax in the pool!

Albie has sent in a photograph of newspaper of the day his grandparents got married - it's also the day Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon!

Good Morning Year 6!

  Welcome to Monday and I hope you had a lovely long weekend? Let’s check in and start with a thumbs up if:               

  • you had ice cream this weekend because it was so hot
  • you have tried a new form of exercise this week
  • you talked to someone on the phone to via video call
  • you are having a packed lunch that involves cheese?


Well Year 6, today I am feeling green and a little bit orange too. I am orange because I played a a game with my family and some friends yesterday via a video call. It was really good fun, despite my losing! I’ve had a really relaxing weekend and finally made the banana bread with my children - it was delicious and eaten quickly, mostly while it was warm. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of all the things you have been up to this week.


Let’s get started with today’s learning and there’s a bit of change with the maths this week

From now on you will need you access the White Rose worksheets from this page. The videos can be found via the link at the top of the page, just as usual, but the worksheets will now be on this page, just click the coloured link for each day - hope that’s clear!

This week the lessons continue your learning about fractions.


Lesson 1 - Multiply fractions by integers




Lesson 2 - Multiply fractions by fractions




Lesson 3 - Divide fractions by integers




Lesson 4 - Fractions of an amount



Lesson 5 - Friday Maths Challenge

Coming soon!


I have also set some Diagnostic Questions quizzes about fractions to have a go at if you would like to. They aren't as tricky as last week's ones!


Here is the English Task for this week. Please remember to work at your own pace and don’t worry if you haven’t finished last week’s or the week before that. It's okay to take your time if you need to.

To help with the task I am also putting a link to a BBC Bitesize lesson on punctuation and paragraphing - I think you’ll find it useful.


 English Weekly 11.05.2020.docxDownload
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I think that's plenty for now as you have the DooWop tasks and the Science too. Remember to send photos in so I can share them with everyone and I will post them later in the day.


Have a good Monday, I’ll be in touch soon.



 Thursday 7th May 2020  

Here are the answers to the arithmetic papers and I've had some lovely pictures in today showing me all sorts of learning - thank you and well done!

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 07.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 Answers 07.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 07.05.2020.docxDownload
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Farrah has worked incredibly hard on her soup can art. She designed the images on the computer and then used her 3D pen to finish them - the effect is amazing. She has also painted a picture of herself and a friend. I wonder if you can guess who she is with?

Here's Otto's board game I mentioned in the video and a comic strip too.

Kit has been enjoying the sun and getting into a good book as well as daily ping pong challenges with Ned.

Those sunnies are amazing Kit!

Joshua has been working incredibly hard on his island project. Great presentation Joshua, I can see you have worked really hard on this.

Maisie has made the solar system out of icing...yes people, icing!

Sophia has been working hard on her space project, she is even pointing to the moon with her hands and toes!

Jav-el has created his own planet and been enjoying the Rooftoppers.

It's been a busy week for Scarlett. She's made elderflower cordial and been enjoying her daily walks/climbs/jumps. 

Good Morning Year 6


Welcome to Arithmetic Thursday and below are three papers for you to choose from. As I mentioned in the video, the best one to do for the majority of the class would be be paper 2. This will give your brains a bit of a work out, but only covers things we have done in class. 

I’ll put the answers on later today so you can check how you have done.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 07.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 07.05.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 07.05.2020.docxDownload
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Tomorrow is a special bank holiday, a celebration of VE Day. VE means Victory in Europe and marks the ending of World War 2 in Europe. At the time this caused huge celebrations all over the country and as this year is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we have a bank holiday to remember it.

There is a link below to find out more information and I am uploading a model of a Spitfire glider that you can make as well as a war-time recipe book for you to have a look at. Eggs were rationed during the war, so lots of the recipes are cooked without them. Maybe you could have a go at making something from the book - I like the look of the Eggless Sponge, but that could be because it is made with half a pint of tea!


 Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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We have been sent an activity log for you all to complete for the week.                            

We all know it's important to keep active and that it can be tricky in our current situation. Remember, Joe Wicks (and his wife this week) are still doing daily PE lessons for everyone and we are allowed out for daily exercise as long as it is safe for you to do so. Otherwise there are lots of things you can do inside. If you're really stuck for ideas, you can do this maths inspired workout - there's even a hotdog in it Mack!

Please download the activity log and fill it in. 

 Active 60 Minutes - Activity Log - Schools.docxDownload
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Here is this week's Music and Spanish from Peddy.

 Music and Spanish Year 6 - 07.05.20.pptxDownload
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I’m really impressed with how many of you are continuing to play on Sumdog and do the quizzes on Diagnostic Questions when you are working so hard on the daily maths lessons from The White Rose. Well done Jav-el, Josh, Noor, Gabrielius and Scarlett - the top 5 players on Sumdog so far this week.

I know that some of the questions on the Diagnostic quizzes were tricky this week. Remember, they were based on new learning, so please don’t feel disappointed if you didn’t do as well as you normally do.  Well done to Otto, Freya, Jav-el and Max, I can see you’ve thought really carefully about the new learning.

These were the two questions that people seemed to find the trickiest:


This is a horror of a question as you have to look really carefully at each shape and think about what you can see.

A)  Although the lengths say the sides are 3cm and 4cm, you can see that 4cm side is shorter than the sides that are 3cm, therefore this cannot be right.

B)  Even though one side is 4cm long, you do not know how long the other sides are because they are not labelled.

C)  The sides are labelled as 3cm and 4cm. The 4cm side is longer than the others marked as 3cm, therefore this is the correct answer.

D)  The sides are marked as 3 cm and 4cm and look correct. However the internal angles are not correct as the angles opposite the equal sides in an isosceles triangle should be the same. The angles opposite the equal sides in this triangle are not the same.




This question requires you to think carefully about the learning from last week regarding vertically opposite angels. "Vertical" in this case means they share the same Vertex (corner point). This happens where two straight lines cross each other and means that opposite angles will be equal. Remember, the angles on a straight line total 180 degrees. 

A)  This is correct as z is vertically opposite the angle that is 50 degrees.

B)   This is incorrect z is vertically opposite the angle that is 50 degrees and so is equal to it. Therefore it can be calculated.

C)   This is incorrect as it is the value of angle y. This is calculated by 180 - 50 - 20 = 80 degrees

D)   This is incorrect as it is the value of x. This is calculated by 180 - 30 - 50 = 70 degrees


I hope that's a bit clearer for everyone, but please don't worry if you are bit confused, you will meet angles again when you are back at school.


That's all for now, I'll post the photos that I have been sent in later.

Have a really good day and a lovely weekend - it looks sunny. 



 Monday 4th May 2020       

I've had some great photos sent in this week already.

Noor has sent in the work she has done around The Promise and some Arithmetic Thursday papers too. She has made a very impressive poster of the solar system and a really interesting powerpoint about conspiracy theories - you know we love those in Year 6!

Showing 1-1 of 1

Otto has made an impressive model of the solar system. The rocky planets are to scale but the larger planets aren't as they would be just too large.

Jav-el has been working hard on The Promise and has designed a great looking city as well as starting his work on space.

Sophia has made the solar system  in clay - it looks great. She has also been at the origami again and this made me smile.

Good Morning Year 6


Happy Star Wars Day, the sun has been in and out this weekend and it’s time for out check-in, so thumbs up if:  


  • you have finished the soup cans art
  • you had a roast dinner yesterday (sadly not in my house)
  • you have watched a film this week
  • you are having a green lunch somewhere at home today?


Well, I am feeling green this week with a little bit of Smurf in there too. I enjoyed reading your ideas around The Promise that some of you sent in to me last week. The picture made people think of all sorts of different thinks from World War 2 to being in London - you are a creative class. This week I am looking forward seeing some of your work around the Earth and space as well as baking some banana bread. I have 3 bananas browning nicely on the side all ready to go into some bread - I’ll post a picture if looks vaguely edible. 


This morning I am uploading the weekly English. There is an extract to read and questions to answer, before a bigger writing task at the end. Please always write in full sentences when answering the questions!

I’m also putting a link to a BBC Bitesize lesson that will be useful. The lesson is on using hyphens and dashes, which may come in handy for task 5 - you may want to add more information. We have seen one of the clips before in class, but I know that we all loved ‘brain’ so will probably want to watch him again.


I am also uploading a new set of science tasks for you. I’m confident that lots of you will be pleased with number 4 and have uploaded some templates you can use if you choose one of the the options.

This website looks like it might be interesting for you too:


I really liked the look of Helping Your Marshmallow Astronaut Land Safely activity on the Fun Activities To Do @ Home page - have a look.

 Comic Book Templates.docDownload
 English Weekly-04.05.2020.docxDownload
 The Solar System.docxDownload
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There are of course, another week of daily maths lessons from the White Rose. This week the lessons on the White Rose link with the daily lessons on BBC Bitesize, so if you’re finding the questions tricky or just want to see it explained in a different way, then have a look at the Bitesize lessons too. 


Lesson 1 - Simplify fractions

Lesson 2 - Compare and order fractions

Lesson 3 - Add and subtract fractions

Lesson 4 - Mixed addition and subtraction

Lesson 5 - Friday Challenge


I’m confident that you will be able to do this week’s lessons, without too much of a headache as we have looked at fractions before.

There are also two diagnostic Questions quizzes to have a go at as well. They are based on angles in shapes, which is what the lessons from the White Rose were based on last week. The quiz titled Draw 2D Shapes Using Angles and Dimensions only has five questions, but you need to think very carefully about what you know when you answer them.

A big well done to Noor, Oscar, Evey, Scarlett and Maya who were the top five players on Sumdog last week - fantastic work people.


Please keep sending in pictures of your work, it’s so lovely to see them and see you too!


Have a good beginning of the week and I’ll speak to you on Thursday, you are a fantastic class 




It looks like Albie has enjoyed making his soup cans, even getting into character as Andy Warhol!

Freya has sent in some pictures of her learning. Great soup cans and review of Elvis' songs - I like Blue Suede Shoes too. The cakes look delicious and I know that Freya used her maths skills for the recipe and colour mixing the icing - yellow one please!

Kit was inspired by this great looking book when he was designing his city for last week's English. Your city is very impressive Kit.

Otto has also created his city - it is of course, underwater and contains a substantial amount of fish. He has also made a presentation about the moon landing conspiracy theories - a very interesting read.

 Otto's moon landing project. _).pptxDownload
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 Thursday 30th April 2020  

Here are the answers for the arithmetic papers. If there were any questions that you found particularly tricky and aren't sure where you went wrong, email me and I can explain.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 30.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 Answers 30.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 30.04.2020.docxDownload
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Lots of lovely photos arrived yesterday.


Noor has been super busy with the DooWop project. She has been able to interview a family friend that used to be a Mod and has found out lots of information about Elvis. Noor and her family reviewed 'Thats Aright Mama' together, which is a really lovely activity to do. Well done Noor, your work is beautifully presented and jam packed with great information....double pompom to you! 

Jav-el has also been working hard. He's started the looking at our solar system and produced a lovely information page. He has also begun this week's English task and thought carefully about what the picture in The Promise reminds him of. Great psychedelic artwork too! Pompom to you! 

Oscar and Evey have sent in their artwork...souper! (I'm so, so, sorry...I can't help it)

Scarlett was relieved to see that her mural hadn't washed away in the downpours this week.

Kit and Ned have a new game - looks good to me!

Good Morning Year 6


As I said in the video, it is Arithmetic Thursday, so have a look and perk up your day with a little bit of arithmetic. I’ll post the answers in the morning so that you have time to have a good go at it.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 30.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 30.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 30.04.2020.docxDownload
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Here are this week's Spanish and Music activities from Peddy.

 Music and Spanish Year 6 - 30.04.20.pptxDownload
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Here are the trickiest questions so far from the Diagnostic Questions quizzes. Well done to all of you who’ve had a go at the question so far this week and remember, it's really important to try and explain how you have worked out the answer, there is an opportunity for you to do this when you select your answer. Sophia gave a really great explanation to the question below...have a pompom 


The calculation is asking for a multiple of 4 plus one.

The multiples of 4 are:

4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40...

So the numbers you could use are:

5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41...

This means that the answer is D.

Well done to Kit, Freya, Oscar, Otto, Sophia, Jav-el and Max  who have answered that one correctly



The calculation needed here is £2.48 x 4

Rhys has three times as much as Sara and the question asks for how much they have altogether, so that's 4 lots of the amount.

The calculation that will NOT show the answer is D as it only shows £2.48 x 3.

Well done Honey Rose, Otto, Lola, Mack, Sophia, Evey, Jav-el and Max, you've got it right!



I’m so proud of how your adapting to working from home and so pleased to see all of the things that you have been doing, including practising contortion!

Here are some photos of the things that you have been up to so far this week - well done to all of you!


Scarlett has been working hard on The Promise work this week. She has looked carefully at the picture and realised that it reminds her of somewhere she has been. Well done for drawing on your own experiences to help you understand the story Scarlett. 

Scarlett made the rainbow with her 3D pen; what a great way to perk up a rainy day 

Albie has sent in this poster with a fantastic drawing of Elvis and information about Burning Love. Very well researched Albie.

Kit has begun the DooWop to Hiphop topic by investigating the clothes that Mods and Rockers wore. He's also started the science work too. I can see you've been working incredibly hard Kit, well done - great spelling work too!

Evey's had a very busy week. She's become a master of the tie-dye, video called Sophia (maybe for some origami advice), prepared a delicious looking snack and become a contortionist - you must be exhausted Evey!

This is my latest bread and a beautiful yellow teapot...enough said.

Have a great Thursday Year 6 and enjoy that long division question you'll have in the arithmetic papers...there might even be two!


Take care of each other



 Monday 27th April 2020  


Thank you for sending in so many photos of your learning, it's great to see what you have been up to. A big well done to Kit, Otto. Lola and Josh who have already completed the Diagnostic Question quizzes today - fast learning people! Scarlett, Kit, Noor, Oscar and Jav-el were the top players on Sumdog last week - congratulations, your Maths skills will be amazing!


Josh has sent in some pictures of his learning - looks very tasty Josh and great to hear from you.

Farrah has sent in some of her lovely work. I spot editing in purple pen and the correct use of an apostrophe for contraction. She has also colour coordinated her shield with her t-shirt- Fantanstic Farrah! (A little bit of alliteration too...sorry)

Albie has sent in a picture of Frank and Norman - I like their hiding place.

Noor has worked so hard on the English work from last week. The apps she has created are really interesting - I'm sure we'd all like some of those on our phones. Look at the soup cans as well - very clever. Well done Noor! 

Otto has started an enormous puzzle...I have a feeling fish will be involved when it's completed.

Scarlett has painted a beautiful mural as well as cracking on with the topic - just lovely Scarlett!

Maisie has been baking too.

Sophia has spent some of her free time watching origami tutorials  with very impressive results.

Jav-el has been working really hard on the DooWop to HipHop topic - check out Elvis!

Good Morning Year 6


Before we check in I just want to say a big thank you to all of you for sending in those fantastic pictures. It was lovely to see you all and quite emotional putting the video together - many cups of tea were drunk during the editing. Don’t worry if you haven’t sent a picture in for today, if you email me one I can adjust the video and add you to it.



Righto, let’s check in and start with giving a thumbs up if:                                    


  • you totally loved seeing a lot of the class in the video
  • you’ve had a conversation in your house about having a haircut (and wondered what to do!)
  • you watched some of the new BBC Bitesize lessons last week
  • you’re having a red lunch (at home) today?


Well, I am felling a bit green and a bit orange as usual. Mostly orange again, as I was really excited to see you all in the photos that you sent for the videos. It was great to see so many of your smiling faces and read your messages - well done! This week I am looking forward to receiving some more of your work, whether it is things that I have put on the website or other things you have been doing at home. You’re good bakers so a picture or two of the things you have been cooking would be good.


So, today I am uploading another English activity for the week, Science and a spelling activity.

The Science is broken into tasks, so please take your time on these, you do not need to do do them all this week, in fact you shouldn’t! You can decide how you want to present each task, but think carefully about your presentation. 

There are two weblinks to help you with your research, one  of which is a Twinkl link. Twinkl have made their resources free during this home schooling period, but you do need to have an account. Setting this up is easy, please ask an adult at home to do it.

Go to www.twinkl.co.uk/offer and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS. You will then be able to access the resource.


The spelling activity can be done on the worksheet or on paper, whichever is easier. The words are all from the Year 5/6 spelling list and you will have either met and practised them this year, or in Year 5. 

 English Weekly-27.04.2020.docxDownload
 Spelling 27.04.2020.docxDownload
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There are White Rose daily maths lessons that I would like you to do again this week. This week’s lessons lead on from last week’s work on angles.


Lesson 1 - Angles in special quadrilaterals

Lesson 2 - Angles in regular polygons

Lesson 3 - Problem Solving

Lesson 4 - Problem Solving

Lesson 5 - Friday Maths Challenge 


There are also diagnostic questions quizzes to do as well if you have time.

 Please don’t feel overwhelmed by the work that is here. The English and Maths are designed to be spread out over the week in daily lessons but I know everyone works at different paces and this might last longer.

I would recommend that you do the White Rose lessons as these are new learning from the Year 6 curriculum. These lesson stay on the White Rose website in the Year 6 area so you don't have to do them daily if you don't have time.


I will post a video later and keep an eye out for photos of your fantastic work. You really are amazing Year 6. 



Remember to send in your pictures so we can make one of thes

  Photo Update  

Evey has made her shield, even Geoffrey the dog wanted to have a go with it - it offers good protection Evey!

Kit has been working hard and is testing out his photography skills during his daily exercise slots. The colours are amazing Kit...very professional photos too!

Sophia has made a poster for our topic. She interviewed her grandparents who were Mods - a fab first hand account.

Noor has sent in some photos of her enjoying the garden along with her lovely cat and dog.

Jav-el has made a great start on his topic work, using photos to recreate an Andy Warhol masterpiece.

. Thursday 23rd April 2020  

Here are the Arithmetic Thursday answers for you to enjoy. Just so you know, the first page on each of the answer documents is blank, just scroll to the second for the answers. I tried, but somehow deleting that blank page was just impossible!

 Arithemtic Thursday 2 Answers 23.04.2020.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 1 Answers 23.04.2020.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 Answers 23.04.2020.docDownload
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Good Morning Year 6

Thank you so much for all the photos I have received this week from you. It has been brilliant to see all of your work and your faces too! I hope your are enjoying the new topic and have investigated the White Rose daily maths lessons. 

Home learning is very different to being in school. I know that some of you are working quite quickly through the work while others are taking more time and both of these approaches are fine. It is important to know you can work at whatever pace suits you and your family. I don't want you to worry if you haven't completed all of the work that I set on here, but it would be good to try a daily Maths and English lesson. If you find any of the learning difficult, please email and I can go through it for you - I'm still here, just virtually at the moment!

It is also really important to keep active and so we have been sent the document below which has some links and activities for you to try.

 Stay Active at Home resources for schoolsv3.docxDownload
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So, it's Thursday and as I said in the video it is Arithmetic Thursday so choose one from below and enjoy yourselves!

The answers will be here later this afternoon so you'll be able to check your work.

 Arithmetic Thursday 1 23.04.2020.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 2 23.04.2020.docDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday 3 23.04.2020.docDownload
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Today's grammar lesson on BBC Bitesize would be really good to do too. It shows you how to use adjectives, which you are all pretty good at, as well as synonyms and antonyms - I think most people could use some practise with these! The link is below so you can easily access the lesson.



Well done to all of you that have managed to have a go at the diagnostic questions. I am going to go through two of the questions that people found trickiest. Don't worry if you haven't had time to do it yet, just look at the answers below carefully to make sure you understand what I have done. If you're not sure, you can email me for help!

I hope that's clear and if you got those answers wrong, you can see why.


Have a great day today and I'll be in touch later. 


  Photo Update!!  

Maya has been in touch and sent these pictures of her cooking at home and out and about getting some exercise. Fabulous new hair too!

Evey has made a good start on the new topic. Here's her work on Elvis.

Sophia has sent in her Andy Warhol inspired pictures and used an app to create another set too. Love that Viking shield Sophia!

Honey has been at it again with her amazing drawing skills. She has been sketching her neighbour's dog as well as a friendly bee.

They are really lovely Honey 

We are pleased to see that Farrah is using the origami skills she has learned in Golden Time to keep her busy.

Now this is also an impressive shield Kit. That must have taken a while to make!

Shaniyah has sent in some lovely pictures to show what she has been up to. The pizzas look so tasty!

Otto has also sent in pictures of his Andy Warhol inspired artwork and his island - both look great. It was also his birthday in the holidays so Happy Birthday Otto - I'm singing for you!

I forgot to add Jav-el's shield to the pictures yesterday - sorry about that Jav-el! It was also Jav-el's birthday while we were off so Happy Birthday to you too - I'm still singing! 

. Monday 20th April 2020  

   Photo Update!  

Jav-el has been working really hard on his Viking topic, with a fantastic shield and Top Trumps cards. He has even made his own jam! I wish I'd had some to go with my Viking bread. 


Jav-el has also made this flip book about the phases of the moon - well done!

Oscar has also sent in pictures of his Viking project. All I can say is, excellent shield colour choice!

Scarlett has also been busy. I love the miniature book and the sign in the window. She has also been enjoying the outdoors during her daily exercise time.

Noor has been working incredibly hard and has shared lots of photos which I've put into a slideshow. Her Viking long ship is amazing and I know she really enjoyed making it - it's a thing of beauty Noor and you should be really proud of yourself!

Good Morning Year 6!


It’s the start of a new term so let’s check in - thumbs up first though!               


Please give a thumbs up if:                              


  • you ate quite a lot of chocolate over the Easter holidays
  • you have baked or cooked something delicious…(or maybe not so tasty)
  • you’ve started wearing your summer clothes because the sun has been out - a lot
  • you’re having lunch at home today?



Today I am feeling a bit green and a bit orange (probably more orange) as I am excited to hear from you and see what you have been up to.

During the holidays I spent a lot of time washing the dog as she has found a great hole to dig and keeps coming back into the house covered in mud…luckily it is fairly dry! I have also almost given up on baking as I have realised that my children and Mr Cherry are much better at it than me. This week I am looking forward to seeing you in the photos you take, so please send them in and share all that you have been doing. 


I hope that you have all seen the video we sent out to show that we are thinking about you and your families. We thought it would be nice to make one from the class to share with each other. So please write a message on some paper and take a photo of yourself holding it, like the ones below.


Send the photo to me at the email address at the top of the page and I will put them altogether to some music. It would be great if you can get them to me by Friday, I can then have it ready for Monday.

Right, let's get down to business.


I have set an English task for the week and there is a new topic sheet called Summer Term 1950s and 1960s; this sheet is like the one that came home in your red books.

 English Weekly 20.04.2020.docxDownload
 Summer Term 1950s and 60s.docxDownload
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For Maths I have set a couple of diagnostic questions quizzes today so get yourselves ready and have a go.

I would also recommend that you watch the daily videos and do the activities on the White Rose website. The link is here and will be at the top of the page as well.


These are lessons that will continue your learning in Year 6 and so there will be new concepts that you have not yet met. Please don’t worry if you find them tricky, but the videos very clearly explain the learning and then there is a worksheet to complete to show your understanding. I can answer any questions that you have if you are stuck on these, so please email. It’s really important that you learn new things during this time to keep your mind active and so that you can still work through the Year 6 curriculum. This week’s lessons are on angles so think back to what you learned about angles in Year 5 as this is a good starting point.


This term BBC Bitesize have started doing daily lessons to help you with home learning, so have a look here as they’re really good too:



Sumdog is still available and big well done to all that have played so far, in particular Jav-el, Rafi, Scarlett, Farrah and Josh!


I’ll put the arithmetic on here this Thursday and will be back here later in the day to post any pictures you send me.


Take care, you are doing brilliantly and I am so, so proud of you and all your home learning. Remember, work at your own pace and always email if you are finding things tricky.