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 Friday 3rd April 2020  

It’s Friday Year 6!                                                                                   


Here's a little message from me to you, on a Golden Time afternoon.

As I said in the video, it is the holidays from today so I won’t be updating the website until 20th of April, when the new term starts. Please have a go at the activities below, I think you’ll enjoy them.


Here are a couple of maths questions to keep you thinking over the holidays. I have attached some sheets on shape and Roman numerals to give you a hand. The shape pictures are really good for refreshing your memories on the properties and names of certain shapes.


 Roman Numerals.pdfDownload
 Shape Names.pdfDownload
 Shape Properties .pdfDownload
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I would also like you to have a go at the miniature book activity on the British Library website, the link is below.

You could make the book for a pet, a sibling, a friend or just for fun.



I have also put the link to the Natural History Museum on here too. Days out are a no go at the moment, but this website has a good virtual tour  which you might enjoy. I particularly like the dinosaur egg activity as it tells you get cracking!



Here’s some more of Javel’s brilliant work. Look at that fantastic paragraphing!

Noor has been working incredibly hard. Here’s her work on different toys, with lots of great photos to support her writing - brilliant!

Just look at Mack’s Viking shield and axe! Words fail me…obviously not…they are both amazing and very big - just perfect for a battle!

Honey has just sent in these photos of her new book (she looks excited!) and the work she has been doing over the last couple of days, some great Spanish and writing. 

She has also created her own gif involving....a cup of tea!! Genius Honey, absolute genius!

So there we have it Year 6, two weeks worth of home learning. You have worked hard and adapted brilliantly to this unusual situation. Work at your own pace, take time to relax and have fun, cook a little with the unusual ingredients you are bound to find in the back of the cupboard (Masterchef invention style) and take care of each other. 


See you in a couple of weeks my friends,






 Thursday 2nd April 2020 

Afternoon All,

I hope you enjoyed the arithmetic papers, whichever you chose to do. The answers are now below this message.

I will be posting an extra message tomorrow, as 3:15 on Friday is officially the start of the Easter Holidays. I will also post some activities for you to do over the holidays. I know I usually say that I don't give you work as it's a holiday, but these are slightly different times, so I will put some activities up to keep you busy if you would like to do them. Please send through any photos and I'll also put those on tomorrow.


Take care Year 6



 Arithmetic Thursday Number 1 Answers 02.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Number 2 Answers 02.04.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Number 3 Answers 02.04.2020.docxDownload
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Hello Year 6                                                                                                          


I hope you've had a good week so far? Lots of you have sent me messages so I can see that you have been really busy. Here's a video and below are some activities for you to enjoy today (I'm so sorry about the starting expression, I promise I am not in pain!) .

  Arithmetic Thursday/Friday/Anyday  

Here are this week’s arithmetic questions. As I said in the video, you can do one, two or all of them, but do at least one!


The answers will appear later so keep your eyes peeled!

If there are any you are stuck on, email me and I will go through them with you.

 Arithmetic Thursday Number 1 - 02.02.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Number 2 - 02.02.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Number 3 - 02.02.2020.docxDownload
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 Viking Art 

 Viking Knot Examples pdf.pdfDownload
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 Music and Spanish 

Here's this week's Music and Spanish from Peddy.

 Year 5 & 6 Music - 02.04.20.docxDownload
 Year 6 Spanish - 02.04.20.docxDownload
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Thank you all so much for sending in your work for me to see and share with everyone. It’s so lovely to see what you are all up to. 


Noor has worked incredibly hard on her amazing Island project and still found time for some free drawing too.

Kit has made a great invitation and is finding time to play this great game, Shut the Box.

Freya has painted some stones with her Mum at the weekend and they look brilliant. My favourite is the one with the heart…yellow background people, you know I love it!

Jav-el has worked really hard on his island project too. I was impressed that his shelter would be high off the ground to keep away from the creepy crawlies!

Honey has been busy with all sorts of work…I’m pleased to see the maths.

Shaniyah has also been super busy with maths and these fantastic spray paintings - very impressive. Thunders the cat looks like he’s/she's enjoying them too!

Scarlett has been very creative with her Viking bread, it looks lovely.

Here is Mack’s Viking bread rolls- they look very tasty to me.

Here is my bread, after cooking and with some honey. It looks a little bit like a stone (a lot actually) and had an interesting taste…maybe not a regular bake as Mr Cherry mentioned it would be good to hold doors open and even the dog doesn’t want to eat it and she eats everything!

Big congrats to Max and Gabrielius who managed to answer the fiendishly difficult question 10 on the coordinates Diagnostic Questions quiz. Ill explain the answer below:

The question asks which co-ordinate isn’t on the perimeter (round the edge) of the shape. 


A (6,6). Will be on the perimeter because you can work out that this is point B on the shape by looking at point A and point C.


B (-10, -6) Will be on the perimeter because you can work out that this is point D on the shape by looking at point C and point A.


C (6, -10) This will not appear on the perimeter. I have shown you below where this would be.


D (0, - 6) Will be on the shape because on the line between C and D all of the y co-ordinates (the second in the brackets) will be -6. I have shown you on the picture below where this would be.

Hope that’s clear for you, if not, let me know!


Enjoy the activities today, take care of each other and keep in touch.



Monday 30th March 2020 


Here's a late entry for today from Albie, with Frank and Norman making an appearance too!

Scarlett has sent in some fantastic photos of her busy time. She's made some ice cream bread and has been doing some writing in her project book.  I noticed that she has edited her work with purple pen...PURPLE PEN PEOPLE. Well done Scarlett!

Also, here's a tea and biscuit pic as we haven't had one for a week.

I believe that the information sheet for task 3 on the Viking project was missed out of your packs. Sorry about that and here it is :

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I've had some photos in already today, so here's a couple from Kit, showing us his homemade pizza and the result of his whittling skills we saw last week...both very impressive.

Good Morning Year 6!                                                                                                                   

It’s Monday so let’s start the week with a thumbs up if:


  • you watched a film this weekend
  • you have designed your Viking shield
  • you got a little bit excited when it snowed yesterday
  • you’ll be having lunch whenever you like today?

Here’s my check in for today and there's a little video further down:


Good Morning Year 6, I am feeling a little bit Smurf as I’m still getting used to the clocks going forward, but I’m mostly in the green as it is a new week. This weekend I really enjoyed finishing the Aladdin film that we watched a while ago in one of our class treats. It was a really good film, with lots of singing, which I joined in with! I also enjoyed my Saturday daily exercise as I walked the dog up to the golf course, she went a bit crazy in the wind and was totally exhausted when we got in - winner! This week I am looking forward to starting a yoga class on YouTube to help keep me healthy. I’m also looking forward to hearing from you all and seeing some of the things that you have been up to, so email over if you can!

I've had some great photos sent in from Honey enjoying herself on her bike and sharing an amazing drawing she has done of an eye. We know she's really good at drawing these, as some of us were lucky enough to be in her lesson on drawing eyes! I felt a rush of joy when I saw the maths page too - it's always lovely to see all of your work, you are such a talented bunch. 

My bread is here too...it really was tasty, although it does look like Hagrid's slippers.

Today I have set two tasks on diagnostic questions. They are both to do with coordinates and translation, which I know you enjoyed. Remember to go across the x axis in either direction (depending if it is a positive or negative number) BEFORE you move up or down the y axis…I hope that makes sense!

Use the link at the top of the page to find them...from 9 o'clock.


Also, remember that there are weekly lessons to be found here:


Watch the videos and have a go.



I am putting one of the questions here that you have found tricky from the second quiz last week.



 Firstly, you need to check which answers are divisible by 4 with a remainder of 1 as that is what the question is asking for.

Always take your time when answering these questions and have a pen and paper handy to do the calculation on, rather than holding all the information in your head.


Now for a little bit of DT, which I thought you would all enjoy.

I’ll be in touch again on Thursday, but will check my emails regularly. Send pictures of your bread and let me know if it was tasty; I’m going to make it too and will post a picture of mine...I'm expecting it to be heavy.


Keep busy, stay safe and know that I’m thinking of you all; you are amazing!



 Thursday 26th March 2020 

Here are the answers to Arithmetic Thursday/Friday/Anyday. Check them carefully and if you're not sure of the answer you can email me and I'll explain. I hope you all enjoyed the long division question, I know how you all enjoy those!

 Arithmetic Thursday Answers 26.03.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday V2 Answers 26.03.2020.docxDownload
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I have checked out Sumdog and a big well done to Freya, Jav-el, Scarlett, Josh, Kit and Farrah -you've obviously had a good game today!

Also, congrats Max, you have done really well on the first quiz on diagnostic questions.

Lots of you are finding this one tricky, so I'll explain how to do it:

The answer is B

In answer A, 24 is the first number divisible by 2 and 24, so 24 is the LCM (Lowest common multiple).
In answer C, 12 is the first number divisible by 4 and 12, so 12 is the LCM
In answer B , 48 is the first number divisible by 3 and 16, so 48 is the LCM, so this is the answer.
Remember people, factors are what we multiply to get a number and multiples are what we get after multiplying the numbers.
Enough maths chat for today, you know me, I can talk for ages about maths but it's only me listening at the moment.
I'll be in touch again with more activities on Monday and if you're very lucky, I'll post another video.
Take care as always,

    Photo update!    

Here's Oscar enjoying a bit of basketball and his fantastic island as well as Ned and Kit whittling and reading in the sun!

Keep those photos coming people!

Hello Year 6!                                                                              

I hope you are keeping busy and enjoying some of the tasks from your project book, in fact, I know lots of you are as I have seen the photos. Have a look below to see what everyone has been up to and there’s a little video from me too. It was quite windy, so apologies for the sound…I’m working with a very basic film crew!

It’s lovely to see what you have been up to, so thank you for sending the pictures in. I’m also enjoying reading it too and wishing I was on some of those islands. I’m so proud of your brilliant writing, seeing semi colons, paragraphing and some really great adjectives too all make your writing interesting - well done and pom poms all round!


Today I am putting a link to some Maths work. It will be something new for you to learn, so you need to watch the video carefully and then have a go at the worksheet. There are 5 videos and activities to do so pace yourself, you don’t have to do them all at once!




Below is a writing task too. I thought this time together would be a good opportunity to talk to your family so have a look and have a go!


There will be an Arithmetic Friday, which I know you will all enjoy! The questions are on here now and then the answers will appear later in the day so that you have time to do them before you check. I thought everyone would be pleased as I know we all love an arithmetic day. There are two different versions, so choose which one is appropriate for you, or treat yourself and do both!

 Arithmetic Thursday 26.03.2020.docxDownload
 Arithmetic Thursday Version 2 26.03.2020.docxDownload
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Keep on working on the project books and doing the activities on here. If you have read a good book that you would like to recommend to the class, let me know and I can share these for you.


If you have any questions, photos to send, or just want to say hi, then email me at the address at the top the page.


Take care of each other, you brilliant bunch.


Thursday 26th March 2020


Good Morning, Year 6! This is Peddy! I hope you're doing okay despite the very strange things that are going on in the world. We are all thinking of you all the time, because we understand it can't be easy for children's lives to suddenly change this way.


So. Every Thursday I will add learning materials here to help you keep up your Spanish, Music and sometimes Dance learning.

Now, I know that you're working really hard and you might even whiz through this learning material. So to make sure you have enough to keep you busy, there's loads to do on the worksheets I've attached. I will always tell you when you've reached the end of the main section; then if you feel like stretching your learning even more you can go onto the extra challenges.


I'm still learning about the different ways I can upload your work onto this website, so for this week all the work for each subject will be presented on a separate document. Next time I'll work out how to make it look as beautiful as the messages Cherry has written below. Scroll through each document and click on the links to play videos, etc.

Remember, there is LOADS to do on these worksheets, so do the main sections, and then you can choose if you want to do the extra challengesas well.


So it's Music first, followed by Spanish. In Music today you'll be learning to do body percussion and then finding out how to rap with speed and precision. You'll also have the chance to rap like the Teen Titans, and to write your own rap inspired by the one and only Cyborg! Have fun with it!


In Spanish you'll be building your speaking and listening skills. Your instructions are written in English (the green side of the page) and in Spanish (the black side of the page). I have also recorded all the instructions onto the little attachment called 'Instructions', so you can play the recording and read the text at the same time. This will help you to practise listening to Spanish, and you'll spot connections between Spanish and English words.

HOWEVER, if this is too confusing, I suggest you just read the instructions without listening to them as well. At the end you can check the answers to your work, by listening to the attachment called 'Conversation', and then you can practise having the conversation with me on the recording!

Also don't worry if you end up learning a different language in secondary school. Right now you are not just learning to speak Spanish; you're also building your language-learning skills. This will help you to learn any language in the world.


So, Spanish today starts off with our very favourite cheesy alphabet song (yayyyyyyy!!!) followed by some challenging tongue-twisting. This is an excellent way to train the muscles of your mouth and teach them  how to sound more authentically Spanish. TOP TIPS: Every time you hear a Spanish speaker, listen really closely to how they pronounce their words. If you can see them speaking, all the better! You'll notice what they do with their mouth muscles, and you'll be well on the way to sounding not like an awkward Brit abroad, but like a real Spanish person. Speaking of awkward, in today's Spanish lesson there's a conversation video for you to learn from. The conversation itself is useful for learning, but the two people speaking look seriously awkward - like they've just met and have absolutely nothing in common, hahaha! Awkward! 




Have fun with your learning, and please send me an email to tell me how you're finding the learning. I especially want to know about anything that you particularly liked or found difficult, to help me plan for next week.


Sending you smiles and sunshine,



 Year 5 and 6 - Spanish 26.3.20.pdfDownload
 Year 5 and 6 Music - 26.3.20.pdfDownload
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Here are your two Spanish recordings:

Monday 23rd March 2020  

Good Morning Year 6!                                                                 

Firstly, let’s begin the morning as we usually do, so let's have a thumbs up if:

  • you have played on Sumdog yet
  • you have started your island (I know some of you have)
  • you have been able to enjoy a bit of the weekend sunshine 
  • you are having a lunch at home today!


I hope you are all managing to keep busy? I have played some great games over the weekend, including Bananagrams and a game called Colour Brain. Today I’m going to have a go at making some bread with my children and will take a picture to post if it looks tasty - if it doesn’t we won’t mention it again.


I know lots of you are playing on Sumdog. A special mention to Lola, Laboum and Farrah - good work ladies! I am playing at various points in the day too, so keep an eye out for me. I’m enjoying the chef game, but realise I am not very good at balancing things in Junkpile; I will keep practising.


I am posting some more PE activities below, so have a go to keep yourselves busy. There is also directions to a daily exercise session (not with me!) which will be at 9:30.


I have set 2 maths quizzes today on diagnostic questions, so please log on and have a go. I will set something else on Thursday, but hopefully you should have plenty to be getting on with in your books. I have some pictures of the islands, that Oscar, Shaniyah and Scarlett have sent me which look amazing, have a look below. If you send me yours I can put these on the website so that we can all see how we’re getting on. The email address is now at the top of the page with the other links.


It would be really good to hear from you and see pictures too. I can post these on the website - please let me know if you would rather I didn’t - but I think it’s a good way for us all to keep in touch and see what we are doing. With that in mind, here is a picture of me, with a cup of tea in one of my favourite mugs and a special chocolate biscuit. Don’t expect biscuits like this in every photo, this is a special one as it’s the first!

I’ll be in touch again on Thursday, so take good care of each other




More PE Resources



Joe Wicks is also doing a daily PE session for all ages at 9:30, go to his youtube channel for more information.


 Thursday 19th March 2020  

Hello Year 6,

Today I have sent a ping to your parents and carers with login details for a new website we are using. Sumdog is a site that has games for you to practise maths, reading and spelling. I will still put activities on this page every Monday and Thursday, but you can play Sumdog any time - I can also play too, so look out! I have put the login links to Diagnostic Questions and Sumdog at the top of the page, so that you can access them quickly. 



  Wednesday 18th March 2020  

Hello Year 6


I am sure you now know that we will be closed for some time, so please use the project books I have given you from Monday. There should be enough work there to last until Easter. I hope you enjoy completing the books and showing off all of the fantastic skills you have learned so far this year! I will update the webpage on Monday and Thursday each week with extra activities for you to do. Enjoy this time with your families, practise your science skills by cooking or use your DT knowledge to make the outside of the burglar alarm you have designed. It's important to stay healthy and keep active so I have put some links further down to give you some ideas. 


I'll be in touch on Monday!

Take care,




Dear Parents and Carers


We understand that there will be many questions regarding the cancellation of SATs, the transition to secondary school and the scheduled PGL trip in June. As we have more information to hand we will contact you directly with this. We will be in contact with the various secondary schools to ensure a smooth transition for everyone, but this will be closer to the time. We have rigorous teacher assessments in place and will be able to talk these through with the relevant schools, so please don't be concerned. Should the school closure affect the dates for the PGL, we will of course look to refund any payments already made. If you have any further questions about the above please can I ask that you contact Julie directly.


Please find below my email address. If you wish to ask any questions about your child’s learning you may use it to do so. Emails will be responded to on a Monday and Thursday within normal school hours. Thank you for your support in this current climate.


Take care of each other,



My email -  year6@middlestreet.brighton-hove.sch.uk


We all know it is important to stay healthy, so below are some links to help you with this - enjoy!









   Maths Homework Link!!!!!!!  


 Week 9 

This week we have started to build our Anglo Saxon houses. Thank you to everyone who remembered to bring in some cardboard - we have been able to share it around. The houses already look fantastic and once they are completed next week, we will arrange them into a village setting.

The spellings for this week are:







The Maths homework can be found via the link at the top of the page.


In maths this week we have begun to look at algebra. There was initially a lot of groaning, but by the end of the week there were lots of smiley faces in our self assessment! We have started with looking at function machines to determine what comes next in a sequence. We made our own to and shared some in class. Here is Oscar's with the answer and Scarlett's without. See if you can solve Scarlett's by using the method Oscar used.

We have come to the end of our non-fiction unit and are in the process of publishing our reports on the computer. They are fantastic and full of useful information about the mythical beasts we have designed. When they are finished we will show them here.


We are coming to the end of our Science unit on electricity. This week we have designed burglar alarms and will begin making them next wee. Some of us have designed them to keep out pets out and one or two to keep our siblings away. We are hoping they are successful!

 Week 8 

We celebrated World Book Day together with lots of great costumes and a variety of activities. The staff all dressed up as characters from Charlie Cook's Favourite Book so we had a go at making our own pages for the book. Have a look below at some of the pages.

We have been learning about percentages this week in Maths, looking at the their equivalence with fractions and decimals. We have all really enjoyed it especially Max who gave us a great way to convert fractions to percentages.

Max says, "If the denominator is 100, then the numerator will be the same as the percentage."

We have used this to help our conversions - thanks Max!


In Science we have been making circuits with buzzers to see how we can make them louder. We also investigated how we can make a switch to turn them off...this is important, very important! We are investigating the use of bulbs and buzzers as we are going to make a burglar alarm and need to know what is effective. We used parallel and series circuits to see which one we think will be best. Next week we will start the design for our alarms.



The spelling words for this week are:






 Week 7 


The spelling words for this week are:







Sorry Miri - I am very late in putting these on the website!



 Class News!! 

We have a Chess Champion in our class. Rafi won the Brighton and Hove Scout Chess Competition at the beginning of the term. He played 6 games, including one against an adult and was crowned overall champion. We are really proud of him and his achievement - well done!!

 Week 5 


We have a new website for our Maths homework. Each week there will be a selection of questions accessed via the link below and sometimes further questions in their book. Each child has been given a login to use on the site. If these are lost or forgotten they can just come to me and I will give it to them again once I have reset it. All of the children have logged on to the website so can access the questions. If it is difficult for your child to do this at home, please let me know and I can find some time for them to do it in school.




We have been working through the story of Beowulf and have reached the part where he has defeated the Sea Hag. This week we have looked at hyphenated words and how the author uses kennings in the book - there are a lot!

We have written our own description of the battle between the Sea Hag and Beowulf, using alliteration and hyphens in our writing. Lola was our Writer of the Week for her description. Cherry particularly enjoyed this sentence:

Brave, bold, bright - Beowulf turned to find a fight that he knew he may not win, but the only way to find out was to try.

We have begun to design an Anglo Saxon village which we will construct in the en-suite facility. We are working with our Learning Partners and have considered what the house will be made from, how it will look and who will live there. We have made sure that there is a variety of people living in the village so that it reflects Saxon life. Laboum and Oscar are making the chief's house which will be the biggest in the village.

Please can the children bring in any boxes or materials that they need to build their houses - we have some bits here but are always grateful for anything that can be brought in - thank you!


The spelling words for this week are:







Please can they be in by Wednesday.



 Week 4 

This week in Maths we started looking at decimals. We learned that most people use decimals every day when they pay for something. We investigated with place value coins and a place value chart.

We have been looking at the story of Beowulf and we have written a recount as if we were at the great celebration after the killing of Grendel. We looked at hyphenated words as the author uses a lot of these in this story. We also had to use adverbs in our writing to describe the verbs we had used. Oscar and Sophia were our Writers of the Week for a fantastic piece of shared writing about the fight - well done!

We have all been teaching lessons to each other. Some of us taught one person, some taught a group and one taught the whole class (Mack). We had to plan the lessons and think about other people's learning styles.

The spelling words for this week are:








Next week the children will be able to access some of their Maths homework online. Please keep an eye out to see how! 

 Week 3 

 Happy Chinese New Year!! 

To celebrate the year of the Rat, we used our working with others skills to make dragons with Year 2. We had lots of materials to use and created dragons that we could dance with. We danced together in the afternoon. Please look at the pictures below.

We have read more of Beowulf this week and thought about what sort of person he would have been. We wrote character descriptions about him and designed wanted posters for Grendel. We have been working on using a variety of sentence lengths in our writing.

Spelling words will be given out on Monday next week as it has been too busy with all of the celebrations to hand them out today . These are the words if people would like to have a practise. They can come in on Thursday next week...just this once!










 Week 2 

This week we took part in the 500 Words live lesson with lots of other schools around the country. We were given lots of tips, but probably the most useful was how to end our stories. The advice is to think of our endings as the following punctuation marks: a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark. Please ask us to explain this! These photos show how enthralled we were.

This week's spelling words are:







Please can they be back in on Wednesday!

 Week 1 

Our first week back has been a really busy one. It was great to see so many people at the stunning start to help the children enjoy all of the activities. We will boil up the tie dye next week as we wanted to make sure any children who missed the afternoon had the opportunity to make a design.

We now know that we are going to be learning about Invaders and are looking forward to finding out more next week. We already know that we will be studying Beowulf in our English lessons.



This week's spelling words are:



Please make sure they are in by Wednesday so that we can mark them!



We are continuing to read Wolf Brother in our Guided Reading sessions and will be adding to our survival guide next wee.