Middle Street Primary School



Welcome to year five. 

The teachers in year five are Dominic Smart and Laura Burrows. Laura teaches Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Dominic teaches Wednesday afternoon, Thursday and Friday.

Year five will have PE on a Monday and Thursday afternoon. This term Monday will be gymnastics and Thursday will be tag-rugby. 

Spelling homework will be given out every Friday and is due back in the following Thursday. Children will be given five of their spelling words each week. You can find the list of words on this page. 

Every Friday children will have a timetables superhero challenge, these can be practised at home over the week. A good site for times table is hit the button. https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button 

Year five go to lunch at 12:35 so it is a good idea for all children to have a healthy morning snack. 

Year five librarians are Luqman, Alfie and Erin. 

Year five school counselors are Kaya Star and Felix. 

Year five digital leaders are Ellis, Harley, Hector, Oscar, Razin, Casper, Woo, Eddy Georgiah, Lolita, Luqman. Morgan, Alfie and Ruby. 

Ruby (a digital leader) made this great animation at home. Take a look..... 

Here are some pictures of us enjoying gymnastics. 

Autumn two - We are now looking at making patterns in computing. Here is an example of one created on paint by Harley, Luqman and Jensen. 

Weekly Blog...

15.10.19 - This week year five tried vlogging - live video blogging. Here are all of the vlogs. Which one is your favourite? 

8.10.19 - This week there were so many amazing blogs it was too hard to choose one. Here are a selection: 

4.10.19 - written by Morgan. 

24.9.19 - written by year 5

Buenos Dias!

Over the past week we have been up to lots of exciting things in year five. We have been learning about different journeys. In English we have been reading a book called 'The Journey' and completing lots work about this book. In History we have been looking at the journey taken by refugees and taking a closer look at the war in Syria. In guided Reading we have been reading a book about a Syrian Refugee called 'The boy at the back of the class'. 

In exciting news this week James has joined us to train to be a teacher and he will be working with us until Easter. 

On Tuesday we had our first Spanish lesson with Jenny. We learnt that football is just football. We also learnt how to say: How are you? What is your name? And lot of hobbies.

Como estas? Muy bien!

Como se llama/o? Mi nombre es .....


On Tuesday year five went on an exciting trip to explore the wilderness. They took part in a variety of different activities e.g. friendship bracelet making, den constructing, walking, toasting and eating marshmallows, bug hunting and fire lighting. Here are some pictures: