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 This week it is Kacper - London Underground Congratulations!!!

Welcome to Year 3's Class Page!



Welcome back to a new term and a new learning journey which this term is The Egyptians!

More information will follow as we embark on this exciting journey together.


Just as last term, PE will be on Tuesday and a Friday, so please ensure the children have a full PE kit for these sessions - lots of us didn't last term which makes it tricky to be really active in our lessons. This time of year we can get really hot, so we need to change out of our PE kits at the end of the sessions.

This term in our Tuesday sessions we will be playing rounders and Friday session will be athletics. 


Again, as last term, the children will bring home 5 spelling words on a Friday to learn over the weekend and return by the following Wednesday. There is a list of activities either in the front or back of the orange spelling books and we recommend that the children have a go at at least three different ones. The pyramid activity is always very popular as is the rainbow writing one. It would also be helpful to read daily and practise times tables at home too. 

 As always, if you have any concerns or wish to talk to me about your child's progress, please come and see me. I will be in the playground at the end of the day.


Please scroll down to find out what we have been up to!

Week 12

Several children from Year 3 were interviewed last week about the moon landing fifty years ago. The link below is the clip from the Meridian news on Wednesday. They were absolute space stars!



 It has been a fantastic week in Year 3. It was our Egyptian Day yesterday, which was really good fun. Lots of us dressed up and we made Egyptian flatbreads as well as hummus to share with our friends and families at the open afternoon. We also made papyrus so that we could write secret messages in hieroglyphics; they looked brilliant.

A big thank you to all the grown ups who helped with the costumes and came to celebrate our learning with us.

What a great year it has been!

We welcomed a new member of the class this week. Imogen will be starting with us in September, but has been in for a couple of mornings to enjoy the fun. We are really pleased to have her!


We worked really hard t finish our topic books this week. Lots of us had to finish our story books and design our Egyptian crowns, but we managed it and were able to share all of the great work we have done over the year.


In Maths this week, we looked at 3D shapes. We described different shapes to each other and even made our own from Plasticine and straws. We then had to describe them using the words, faces, vertices and edges. Here are some of the ones we made:

Week 11


In English this week we have learning about a discussion. We wrote a discussion in our English books about whether it would be better to be a slave or a Pharaoh. We had many reasons for and against each one, but the majority of us wanted to be a Pharaoh.


In Maths this week we looked at 2D shapes. We had to describe them to each other and see if our partner could guess what we were talking about. Here's one for you:

 - it has four sides

 - it has two sets of parallel lines

 - it has no right angles

 - it has two acute angles 

 - it has two obtuse angles.


What is it? (answer at the end of the weekly page!)


The spellings for this week are:









Please bring them in for THURSDAY this week!


The shape was a.....parallelogram!

 Week 10

In English this week we learned about having a discussion. We looked for information about being a slave or being a Pharaoh and next week we will write about which one we would liked to have been. We will make sure we give reasons for our choices!


We had a great day at Stanmer Park with lots of other Year 3 classes from around Brighton. We started the day by catching the number 25 from the Old Steine to Stanmer Park. It was a bendy bus that went very close to Karina's house! Our first activity was rugby, followed by a scavenger hunt and then lunch. Mick arrived and we tried to hula hoop and then built shelters. Tom particularly loved the hula hoop, as did most of us! It took a while for the coach to find us but eventually we made our way back to school. There are lots of photos below.

Here are our spelling words for this week. The children had them on Monday so please bring them in on Thursday. We aren't getting many books back in at the moment so please check with the children - thank you!







The trophy is still travelling around, look out for it!

Week 9

  Please complete our surveys - we are very interested in your answers!  

We have designed our surveys about school life so please have a look. 

We have worked really hard to make these and hope you enjoy answering them - please click on the link and it will take you to the survey. You can answer as many as you want to.

We will interpret the data at the beginning of next week so you don't have long!

The spelling words for this week are:








(It's good to learn how to spell each other's names!)

PLEASE can they be back in by Wednesday at the latest this week as the new spelling words will go out on Thursday instead of Friday (we are on a trip on Friday!)

Week 8 

Sports day on Friday was brilliant! We all had good fun and tried really hard.  It was really nice to be in teams with children from other classes and we had good fun cheering each other on! We were really impressed that one of the grown ups managed to throw their beanbag on the roof! Big congratulations to Elena's Mum and Tom's Dad for a super sporting effort!

In Science we finally excavated our tomatoes. We had pieces of paper underneath our cup and we had to use special tools to dig down to the tomatoes. Some of our pots had a crust on them and some of them were really watery. The tomatoes were a bit watery and very wrinkly. If we mummified them again, we would leave them a bit longer!

We have been problem solving with time this week. We looked at timetables and had to work out which train we could get and at what time we would arrive. We were really good at this, especially working out if it was AM or PM.


In our PSHCE lessons this week we looked at how we are all different and how we should celebrate that! We thought about what we were good at and what we wanted to get better at; there were lots of different things. We talked about keeping each other safe and how to use kind words when talking to and about each other.


We have finished writing our stories in English and are now making them into a book. Most of us have finished the front cover and have started the pages, including lovely illustrations. We cannot wait to share them with another year group - hopefully an older one this time!

Week 7

This week in English, the majority of us have finished our stories about The Egyptian Cinderella. We have used lots of great new grammar techniques in our writing, including speech. We know how to punctuate speech correctly by using inverted commas and watched a unusual video about Vicky the astronaut to help us. We're not really sure if the duck clip helped us, but it was funny to watch! We shared our writing with each other to make sure it sounded right and next week we will be making these into books...we can't wait!

In Maths we looked at time again this week. We have learned to match analogue and digital times as well as looking at am and pm. We sorted some activities into what time of day they might happen and even had a problem where we had to work out how long Arthur took to drive his bus to St Ives. We didn't even know he could drive!


We have finished our Canopic Jars this week too! We painted a base colour and then added the finer detail once they had dried. We had to practise the detail on a piece of paper before we painted onto the jars, just so we were confident we could get our designs right. There are fantastic photos of the finished jars below. We absolutely loved making them.

This week we have also been learning about keeping ourselves safe and being respectful to each other. We looked at ways of coping with feelings of embarrassment and understand that all of us a different in many ways.


The Karen Busby trophy has visited two more people this week and will be winging its way to another two next week. We are enjoying having it at home.

Please keep a look out for some surveys that will be appearing here from next week, as we are working hard on these in ICT.

Our spelling words this week are:








Please bring these back in by Wednesday.

Week 6

Welcome back after a lovely half term!

We have exciting news this week as we welcomed two new members to the class. Welcome back Bella, we have missed you and welcome Alice, we are really pleased to meet you! We hope you have both had a great week?


Art has been really good fun this week. We have started to make our Canopic jars out of paper mache. We started with a smoothie cup, which was really good because the lid was shaped like a dome and we could take them off. We looked at our original designs to make sure that we could remember what the head was going to look like.  It was quite tricky to get the shape of the head right and we had to think carefully about how we attached ears, noses and beaks. We think they look amazing and will be even better when we have painted them!

We have been learning to tell the time on an analogue clock in Maths this week. Some of us are really good at this and have used what we know to help us problem solve. Please ask us what the time is at home to help us practise and so that we can show off our impressive time telling skills.


In English this week we have started writing our Egyptian stories that we planned before half term. We have written the first two or three paragraphs and some of us have already used a simile and a dropped in relative clause! Cherry, who is writing a class story too, is really impressed with what we have written so far. We will finish these next week and get to publish them with pictures.

In Science this week, we each mummified round red bodies! We gave our tomatoes a name, weighed them, scooped out their insides and preserved them with a special mixture of salt  and bicarbonate of soda. Martha’s was the heaviest, weighing 85g and Cosmo’s was the lightest at 52g We have to wait for two weeks to see what happens so watch this space!

It has been a musical week across the school as there have been both violin and keyboard assemblies. Whilst no one from Year 3 played in the violin assembly, we were able to enjoy the music and were impressed by the skill of the children involved in playing. 

Several of our class played in the keyboard assembly; Miriam, Ava, Cai, Noah and Cosmo all showed their incredible keyboard skills as well as their bravery at playing in front of the whole school. We were all really impressed and proud of our classmates. Videos of the performances will follow so keep an eye out.

Our spellings this week are:








Please make sure they are back on Wednesday.

Week 3

This week in English we have been looking at The Egyptian Cinderella. We wrote a diary entry as if we were the main character and on Friday (today) we acted out the Pharaoh's journey. We hope the lost slipper fits Rhodopis' foot! We also pretended that the Pharaoh lived in 2019 and sent a text to his friends. The word 'snoozeathon' described his feeling perfectly! We have been learning to use dropped in relative clauses in our writing. Kacper, who was listening carefully, is an expert on these! 

Here we are using a conscience alley to help us understand how Rhodopis felt. This helped us write our diary.

It's been fraction time again in Maths. We ordered them on a number line using strips of paper and cubes to help us. Then we were looking at denominator and the numerator and seeing if they were the same. If they were they would be equal to 1 whole. We ended the week by looking at fractions of an amount. We know that to find a third the whole must be split into 3 equal parts. So, if the whole is 12 a third is 4. Cherry was impressed!

In PE this week, we played a giant game of rounders. We didn't use all of the rules as we are still practising our batting and catching skills. We have learned that throwing is much quicker and more efficient than running to get someone out. We made small throws to many people because these are more accurate and easier to catch. Arthur was great with the bat and managed to get a large score. Cosmo was great too and we all had a lot of fun!


We finished our Ancient Egyptian information posters this week. We worked really hard with a partner to find information from books and the internet and made some fantastic posters. Katerina and Ivy's had a special 'open me' section and Arthur and Ava connected their information with The River Nile! We really enjoyed sharing them with each other.

Our spelling words this week are:






Please bring them back on Wednesday.

Week 2

We have worked with fractions and decimals this week in Maths. We used a number line and a tens frame to help us understand that the whole was broken into ten equal parts. Once we had made tenths we wrote them as a fraction and then we had a look at a place value grid to see how we could write them as decimals.


 In English this week we worked with our learning partners researching different parts of Ancient Egyptian life. We used the computers to find out information as well as the non-fiction books we have in the classroom. We worked hard using conjunctions to join our sentences and will work with our partners to make an information poster to share with the class. 


In PE we played a mini version of rounders. We all practised our throwing with a partner, making sure our partners could catch the ball. Then, we had a go at hitting the ball with the rounders bat. It was quite tricky, but some of us managed to hit it first time. We played games in four separate teams and really enjoyed it.


Our spellings are a bit different this week as I would like you to write three sentences for each of these homophones:






To help you, think carefully about the sentences we worked on in class. Please bring them back in for Wednesday.

Week 1

We have really enjoyed the first week back after the Easter break. We know that our new learning journey is about Ancient Egypt and were transported back in time via a very strange time machine that appeared in our classroom on Tuesday afternoon. Some of us were a bit worried that we wouldn't be able to go home, but luckily when we opened the classroom door, we were back in 2019!


It has been exciting to learn where Egypt is and just how long ago the Ancient Egyptians lived. We have looked at the gods that they worshiped and decided to have a go a making our own. We thought carefully about the powers that they should have and made top trump cards. Have a look at some of ours below. Next week when we have all finished we are going to have a game with them.

In Maths we have started learning about unit and non unit fractions. We used strips of paper to make halves and quarters. Then had a go a making thirds and fifths. These were much trickier. We have learned that the whole can be anything; it can be a shape, a set of objects, a number and even a person! 


In spelling this week we have been looking at adding suffixes. These are the words for this week and they need to be in by Wednesday:







The Karen Busby Cup has been on it's travels again this week. Two more children have taken the trophy home and celebrated our Let's Dance performance.