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Year 2 Summer Home Learning

From 8th June home learning and communication will be shared through the Class Dojo app. If you have not received your personalised login for this, please contact the school office.


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You've been home learning for 11 weeks.

I am so proud of you all... you are doing brilliantly!

It was such a lovely surprise to see the video that you made! Nicky, Katie and I thought it was completely wonderful and would like to say a very big thank you to you and your grown ups. Reading your messages and seeing your faces really brightened up my weekend and was very much needed. You really are a kind, creative and beautiful bunch!

 I have put your video and the one from the Middle Street grown ups below for you to have another look at.

Week Six

Week Six Gallery

Take a look at Emily's very impressive whale work! She has worked very hard to make such a professional looking poster. Well done Emily!

Fox has been making whale models and a very beautiful mandala. Well done Fox!

Alejandro has been working hard at home this week. Here is Alejandro working hard at his maths and creating a fab beach mandala. Fantastic!

Alisa thought carefully about the reasons why Noi should tell Dad about the whale. She's also made an impressive mandala and a very cute whale!

Evie gave Noi some good advice and thought carefully about how materials are suited to their job. Great work Evie!

Here is Rowan'r brilliant whale poster. I love the images of all the different species of whale. Well done Rowan!

Betty has worked really hard on her whale project. I love all of the interesting facts and the diagram of the whale's body parts. Great stuff!

Fox had a great time finding uses for different materials. Good job Fox!

Tuesday 4th June 2020

Hello Year 2!

I hope you've had a lovely week so far. I've been in school this week and it has been lovely to see some familiar faces. This is the last time that I will be putting learning tasks on the website as we will be using a new learning app called Class Dojo from Monday. It will be even easier for you to share your work or message me and I'm looking forward to putting your learning tasks on there for the first time next week. We are all getting so good at learning new things these days!

Thank you to everyone who has sent me their reflection task. If you haven't done so yet, please try to complete it and send to me before Monday. I have loved reading through your comments and remembering some of the lovely things we have done this year. Today I have some new tasks for you. We are coming to the end of the Storm Whale but you will have to wait until next week for the last part of the story. I have a spelling task for you below and some Geography work. I also have a music lesson from Peddy and Katie's Friday maths challenge.

Love from Sarah


Scroll down to Monday for this week's maths lessons. Don't forget to keep practising your maths skills on Sumdog. I might be able to reward the whole class with some coins if you work extra hard over the next couple of days!

Spelling and Handwriting

Over the next 2 weeks we are going to be learning to add the suffixes 'ment', 'ful' and 'ness' to words. A suffix is a collection of letters that change the meaning of a root word. For example:

care (root word) + ful (suffix) = careful


We are going to be learning these words:

argument                       merriment

happiness                       plentiful

cheerful                           enjoyment

sadness                           careful

playful                              plainness

Have a look at the lesson below with a grown up. Then choose 4 words to learn and practice this week. There is also a handwriting sheet and word search for you to try.

Grown ups: There is a handwriting sheet for joined (cursive) and print handwriting. The children should know which they are learning. It is very important that your child is forming all letters correctly before joining. If you are unsure, feel free to email me and ask.

 Year 2 Term 3A Week 1 Continuous Cursive.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Term 3A Week 1 Presentation.pptDownload
 Year 2 Term 3A Week 1 Print.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Term 3A Week 1 Word Search.pdfDownload
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Before half term we learnt lots about seaside locations. We learnt that some are busy like Brighton and some are quiet like Noi's. We also learnt that seaside locations have similar features such as a pier, beach, cliffs, lighthouses etc. I would like you to imagine that you are on holiday at a seaside location. Write a postcard to me telling me all about it. Try to include examples of seaside features and details about your imaginary holiday. For example:

Dear Year 2,

I'm having a great time here in Skegness. Yesterday I went for a walk along the promenade and a cheeky seagull tried to steal my chips! etc

Don't forget to draw a picture of the seaside location on the front, just like a real postcard. Your location could be in this country or abroad. It might be somewhere you have been to or a made up place. 

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Here is Peddy's music lesson for today.

 Year 2 - Music - 04.06.20.pptxDownload
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Monday 1st June 2020

Welcome back Year 2 and I hope you all had an enjoyable half term with your families. The weather has been wonderful and I hope you have all enjoyed being able to get out in the sunshine. In my house, we have spent a lot of time in the garden and my children have loved being in the paddling pool. The highlight of my week was being able to meet up with one of my friends who I hadn't seen since March. We had a lot to talk to about! 

Here are your home learning tasks for the beginning of the week. We are continuing with the Storm Whale which I know lots of you are really enjoying. In maths, we are still multiplying and dividing and I have also included a link to some problem solving which you might want to challenge yourself with. I also have some science activities about materials and an opportunity for you to reflect on your time in Year 2.

Reflection Task

Even though your time in Year 2 was unexpectedly cut short, if you think back to the beginning of the year, you have come a long way! I am so proud of what all of you have achieved and have lots of wonderful memories of the year. I would like you to have a think back over the year and talk about the questions below with a grown up. If you are able to email me your responses, I would be very grateful. I'm writing your school reports at the moment and I will be able to add your thoughts, favourite memories and proud moments. We normally do this at school whilst looking at your project books, so don't worry if you find it difficult to remember everything.

1) What have you enjoyed?

2) What do you feel proud of?

3) What do you think you have got better at?

4) What would you like to be better at?

5) What is your favourite memory?

6) What are you looking forward to in Year 3?


The worksheets for each lesson and answers are below. Follow this link for the daily lesson videos on the White Rose website. Remember, we are on Summer term week six. You could also look at BBC Bitesize for more activities that match up with these lessons. 


Here is a problem to solve involving odd and even numbers:


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Last time, we left Noi chatting away to the baby whale in the bath. You made a whale of your own and told him a story that you had made up. We're going to find out what happens next...

Task 1: How do you think Noi is feeling as his Dad approaches the house? Do you think he will tell Dad about the whale? Can you show Noi's inner thoughts and feelings by writing  a thought bubble? Now do the same for Dad. What is he thinking as he walks back to the house? Remember - he doesn't know there is a whale in the bath!

Task 2: What do you think Noi should do? Is it better to tell Dad, keep up the secret or do something else? I wonder what Dad would do if he found out about the whale. There are lots of reasons why he should tell Dad and lots of reasons why he shouldn't. Talk about these with a grown up. Now you have to make a decision! Write a letter of advice to Noi, telling him what he should do. Explain why you think he should do it. You might also want to give him some encouraging words.


For example:

Dear Noi,

I know you must be really enjoying having a whale in the bath but I think it's time you told your Dad. Don't worry, I'm sure he will understand and will know what to do with the whale because he's a fisherman. Whales are meant to live in the sea and he might get sick if you don't take him back soon.... etc.

Remember to

  • clearly explain your reasons
  • use conjunctions like 'and, but, because, if'

Task 3: Keep practising your spelling, punctuation and grammar with a new mat for this week.

 Mat 2 - challenge 1.pdfDownload
 Mat 2 - challenge 2.pdfDownload
 Mat 2 - challenge 3.pdfDownload
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Task 4 (Science): Today we are going to be thinking about how materials are suited to the job they do. Have another look at this picture from the book. 

Choose 5 objects from the picture and find them in your home. For example, you might go and find slippers, a bowl, a bucket, a spoon and a hat. What material is the object you found made from? How is this material suited to the job? For example, you might write:

Slippers are made from soft, warm fabric to keep your feet warm.

A drinking cup is made from glass. It is see through so that you can see the drink inside. Glass can also be moulded into interesting shapes to make the drinking cup look nice.

You could draw a picture or take a photo of the 5 objects and then write a couple of sentences about each one like in the examples above.

Sometimes objects can be made from different materials. For example, a spoon could be made of plastic or metal. Do you think the object in the book is made from the same material as the object in your home? 

Task 5 (art): Noi loves to play with things in his local area. In his case, this is the beach. Can you use natural things in your local area to make a piece of artwork. These patterns are called mandala. They are usually arranged in circles or swirls and are symmetrical. You might remember us doing something similar when we went to the woods. Have a look at these examples:

 I Create Mandalas From Things I Find In Nature As A Way To Meditate             Creating Nature Mandalas With Children Step by Step - Mothering       natural material mandalas - Google Search | Nature mandala ...         Galaxy. Pebble spiral, Worthing Beach, UK (land art by Dishtwiner ...

You could find natural materials in a garden, park, the beach, woods or anywhere else outdoors. You can also make your mandala outside and leave it there for someone else to find and enjoy. Have fun creating!

That's all for now Year 2. Remember, you don't need to complete everything all in one go and you might not be able to do all of the activities. I hope you enjoy them and I will be back with some more activities on Thursday. Have a wonderful week.

Love from Sarah

Week Five

Week Five Gallery

Emilija has made a great story map about finding a seahorse. I bet her little whale enjoyed hearing the story. Well done Emilija!

Alisa has worked hard to finish writing her whale facts. She has also created a beautiful picture of a whale. Great work Alisa!

Evie is really proud of her whale facts poster and rightly so! I am amazed by the illustrations, neat handwriting and interesting facts. Well done!

Rowan has found lots of materials and their uses at home this week. He has also written a fab review of the Alex Smith book series 'Mr Penguin'. I had never heard of these books before so I am hoping to be able to read one soon. Thanks for the recommendation, Rowan!

Alex has been really enjoying the free writing task this week. She is making a Pokemon guide. Take a look at her guide to different Pokeballs below.

Look at Emily's amazing whale poster! She has worked very hard to complete it. I really like the way she has chosen to organise and present the pictures and writing. It look very professional!

Here is Veronika's home learning. She found out lots of facts about whales and used this to make a very informative and well presented poster. Excellent work!

Fox has made a fab poster about how to look after a whale. This should definitely help Noi! Have a look at his solution to Katie's maths maze. Is yours the same?

Have a read of Callum's information text about whales. There is lots of fantastic advice about what to do if you find a whale. I'm really impressed with how hard he has worked at his writing. Well done Callum!

Alejandro has been busy with his learning again this week. He has beautifully written his instructions for a game... great handwriting Ale! In his game, everyone is a winner which I think is very kind and I am sure Noi would love to play it.

Thursday 21st May 2020

Hello again Year 2!

I hope you are having a great week. The weather has been wonderful so far and I've been really enjoying getting out and about  on long walks and trips to the woods. Weirdly, I even bumped into Mary-Anne in a park which was a lovely surprise. What have you been doing in the sunshine?

Well done to everyone who has managed to finish their whale projects. We will be moving on today and finding out about the next part of the story. I've also got a music lesson from Peddy for you.

I hope you enjoy the next couple of days and, as always, have a brilliant weekend with your families. Don't forget that you can email me if you have any questions, would like to share your learning or just want to say hello.

Love from Sarah


PS. I saw this and thought it was too lovely not to share with you. You will recognise the song as you have been learning this version with Peddy at school.


Scroll down to Monday for all the links to this weeks White Rose maths lessons. Do you remember me saying that you could warm up with the counting Macarena? Well, here's me and Sonny showing you our attempt!


Have a look at the video below for the next part of the story...

Task 1 (Art/Creative): Make a whale model. You can use whatever you like to make your model. You might have playdough at home or maybe you would prefer to use junk modelling materials or even Lego. Here is a link to an easy playdough recipe that you could make using ingredients from your home.



                                                                        Lego Whale Building Instructions - Lego Classic 10706 "How To ...                                            Play Doh Animals - How to make Whale - YouTube

Task 2 (Literacy): Think about what stories Noi might tell the whale. What stories set on islands do you know? Will it be an adventure story? Or a story about Noi's life? Plan your story by making a story map. We have made lots of story maps in Year 2 but if you need some help to remember, I have put an example below.

Task 3 (Literacy): Tell your story to your model whale.

Remember to:

  • use story language (once upon a time, all of a sudden, it wasn't long before, he couldn't believe his eyes etc)to make it sound like a story
  • include details (blue whale, hot sand, stormy sky etc)
  • make sure your story has a beginning, middle and end

You don't need to write the whole story down but do make sure you use your story map to help you. You could retell your story to your whale again and try to improve it. Maybe you could make stick puppets to add to your storytelling. 


Here is this week's music lesson from Peddy. I also have the log in details for the Charanga music website which has songs, activities and online instrument lessons for anyone who is interested. Lots of people are learning new skills during lockdown. Maybe you could learn to play an instrument or sing some new songs?

 Year 2 - Music - 21.05.20.pptxDownload
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Monday 18th May 2020

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your families. What things did you do? Did anyone climb a tree? Did you go for a walk? Did you go to the beach? What ever you did, I hope you had fun. On Sunday, I went to the beach with my family which was lovely! It's the first time we have been since school closed and it was amazing to look at the sea and really enjoy it after so many weeks. It was almost like seeing it for the first time.

Thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures of your home learning. I can see you are all working very hard. I think some of you would like some time to finish off some of the things you have been working on, like your whale projects. So for the next few days, I won't be giving you any more long writing tasks. Instead, I have some spelling, punctuation and grammar work and a free writing task. I will be back on Thursday with the next part of the story!

Have a great few days!

Love from Sarah


Task 1: In your home learning packs, I put some spelling, punctuation and grammar mats. Here are some new ones for you to try this week. There are 3 levels of challenge. I is the easiest and 3 is the most difficult. Have a look with your grown ups and choose which one you think will be best for you. 

 Spag mat challenge 1.pdfDownload
 Spag mat challenge 2.pdfDownload
 Spag mat challenge 3.pdfDownload
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Task 2: Free writing! In Year 2, we all really enjoy using our free writing books. I would like you to spend some time writing about anything of your choice. It could be a story, poem, newspaper article, information text, comic. It's entirely your choice. If you are finding it difficult to come up with an idea, maybe you could write a letter to a friend. Then you could post it to them and wait for a reply. We've been doing this in my house and it has been a very popular activity! Or you could check out the images on this website. They are fantastic for getting your imagination going!


Task 3: Have you read a good book lately? The favourite in our house at the moment is 'Supertato - Run Veggies Run'.

Supertato: Run, Veggies, Run! | Teaching Ideas

In this story, Supertato decides that the veggies should have a sport's day. But when a very large watermelon turns up, things don't go according to plan! Could the Evil Pea be up to his old tricks again? Anyone with a good sense of humour will enjoy this book. My favourite thing about it is the funny and cute illustrations of the vegetables. My favourite characters are the panicking pineapples. I give Run Veggies Run 5 out of 5 5 Star 5 Stars Transparent Background - Clip Art Library

Can you write a short review of a book you love, just like I did? You can share your reviews with your friends by emailing them to me. 

You can watch Run Veggies Run being read in the video below.


This week we are multiplying. We practised multiplication just before school closed so hopefully this will be quite fresh in your memory. Remember when we are multiplying we are counting in groups of equal size. You could warm up each day by counting in groups of 2, 5 or 10. Remember the counting macarena?

The worksheets for each lesson and answers are below. Follow this link for the daily lesson videos. You could also look at BBC Bitesize for more activities that match up with these lessons.



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Last week we explored waterproof materials like rubber and plastic. These materials can be used for wellington boots, raincoats, tents or other things that need to be waterproof. This week I would like you to go on a materials hunt. I would like you to find:

wood, plastic, metal, cardboard, paper, brick, glass, rock and fabric.

You could look around your house or see if you can spot them while out for a walk. Write down the name of the material and what it was used for like this:

That's all for now. I will be back on Thursday with some seaside themed fun and the next part of our story.

Week Four

Week Four Gallery

Evie has found out some really fascinating facts about whales. She's also been working very hard on her game for Noi and storm artwork. Well done!

Alex and her brother have been getting crafty this week! Here is their dragon player.

This week, Fox decided to write about his own experience of a very big storm called a hurricane. Read his account of what happened below.

Here is Fox's 'waterproof materials' experiment. Spoiler alert: it's very funny!

Callum invented a very exciting game for Noi called 'Shark Adventures'. His writing is so creative and easy to understand. Maybe you could play the game at home too.

Thursday 14th May 2020

Hello Year 2,

I hope you have been having a lovely week. Have you been able to get out for a walk? We had a good explore of the woods yesterday and it certainly made us all feel re-energised! I hope you have been enjoying this week's learning tasks. Don't forget to email me if you have any questions or would like to share your learning. It is always lovely to see what you have been up to.



Please carry on with the white rose lessons (scroll down for the downloaded sheets and link to the videos). Katie also has a Friday maths activity for you. This week it is a maze challenge.... sounds fun!


 maze challenge.docxDownload
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Big Project!

Now that you have researched all about whales, I would like you to share what you have found out with Noi. You could make him a poster, write a leaflet or report, write him a letter of advice or record a video. You can be as creative as you like! Remember that your information should help Noi know what to do and show what whales need to survive. For example, you might say:

'Some whales can swim 140 miles in a day. They spend most of their time underwater but come to the surface occasionally for air'

This will tell Noi that whales need space and water to survive.


I would like you to take your time to make your work 'polished'. You could include pictures and diagrams, fun facts, headings etc to ensure it is clear, interesting and easy to understand. It should take you a couple of days to complete so that is all for today! I can't wait to see your finished projects.

Love from Sarah

Here is a music lesson from Peddy which I wasn't able to upload last week. Can you please let me know if you are not able to access it and we will find another way of uploading the music tasks from now on. Hopefully this will work for you! Thanks.

 Music Year 2 - 07.05.20 (1).pptxDownload
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Monday 11th May 2020

Happy Monday Year 2!

How was your weekend? Did you join in with any VE Day celebrations? I really liked the bunting task that Katie gave you. I'd love to see any pictures of your bunting or other creations so don't forget to email them to me. I bought my children a new paddling pool at the weekend to make the most of the lovely weather. It was a bit of a disaster because it took 2 hours (not an exaggeration) to blow up half the pool. By this time it was time for dinner so we gave up. I think the foot pump may have been broken! If you have any funny disasters this week, do let me know.

Guess the Animal

I have really enjoyed receiving all of your questions about the animal I was thinking of, but I'm sure you are all desperate to know what it is (It's been about 7 weeks!). So.... I am going to give you 5 clues.

1) I live in Africa

2) I am a large mammal

3) I can hold my breath for up to 5 minutes under water

4) I am a herbivore even though I have enormous jaws

5) My name means 'river horse'

There will be a high 5 to everyone who emails in with the correct answer!


Evie, Emily G, Emily W, Callum and Franek have all been working extra hard on Sumdog. Well done!

We are practising addition and subtraction again this week. The worksheets are no longer available on the White Rose website but you can download them below. I have also put on the answer sheets and a document with links to each daily video lesson. Alternatively, you can still access the videos at:


There is additional material linked to these lessons at:


Grown ups: Don't forget that the children may use counters, 100 square (from your home learning pack), drawings etc to help them solve the maths work.

 Lesson 1 Add and subtract 10s 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Add 2-digit numbers (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Subtract 2-digit numbers (2) 2019.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Bonds to 100 (tens and ones) 2019.pdfDownload
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Apologies if you could hear a strange noise throughout the video. It was our pet rat, Bob, gnawing on something!

This week we are going to become whale experts! We might be able to help Noi know what to do with the baby whale.

Task 1: Write down a list of everything you already know about whales. Then write a list of questions that you would like to find out about whales. Don't forget to start each sentence with a capital letter. Statements should end with a full stop. Questions should end with a question mark. Remember that we want to help Noi, so your questions should help us find out what whales need to survive.

Task 2: Research your questions and keep a note of what you found out. You don't need to worry too much about punctuation or full sentences. We will be turning your notes into a detailed piece of writing/video later in the week. Here are some useful sites to get you started:



You could also try this whale quiz:



Task 3: Watch 'The Snail and the Whale' by Julia Donaldson.


Did you find out anything else from the story that you could add to your notes?

Geography: Do you remember learning about the human and physical features of seasides last week? I wonder if you spotted any in the pictures when I read you the Storm Whale?

Sort the features below into two groups - those that are human and those that are physical.

bay, lighthouse, rocks, beach, houses, dunes, shops, sea, pier, jetty. Can you draw a picture of each one?

Science: If you haven't been able to carry out your waterproof materials experiment yet, have a go today. If you have, try this sorting activity.

That is all for today. I will be back on Thursday with some more tasks for you. Have a fabulous week and stay in touch by emailing me on the usual address. 

Love from Sarah

Week Three

Week Three Gallery

Frankie wrote a very clear set of instructions on how to play the game 'Cranium'. Well done Frankie! 

I enjoyed reading Nate's instructions for how to draw a goblin. Excellent use of time words to sequence the events.  Maybe we could all have a go at drawing one this weekend!

Alex has been getting to grips with division. Great use of the bar model!

Here are all the lovely things Betty has been doing! She's been cooking, reading, doing yoga, planting seeds and some big news... she learnt to tie her shoelaces! What a fab achievement, Betty. Well done! 

Rowan has worked really hard at his writing this week! I think Noi would love the game he invented and so would the cats!

Veronika has managed to complete a whole range of tasks this week! I love the silvery colours she chose for her storm painting and was very impressed with the way she worked scientifically to test three materials. Which one was waterproof?

Alisa has been working very hard at her writing again this week. I am especially impressed by her very well written instructions. I quite fancy a game of 'edible - inedible'!

I love Alejandro's storm picture and writing. Great word choices and perfect punctuation. Well done!

Take a look at Fox's excellent homework! He's written a very well organised set of instructions for the sea mobile he made and had a go at Katie's tower challenge. Well done Fox!

Thursday 7th May 2020

Happy Thursday Year 2!

Did you know that this is our 7th week of home learning?! Today we are having a break from our seaside theme. Watch the video below to find out more! I have also added some links for today's special home learning tasks. 

I've been finding it quite hard to motivate myself this week and I am really looking forward to the slightly longer weekend so that I can recharge my batteries. How are you feeling? Lots of you have been in touch this week and it has been really lovely to see all of the hard work that is going on in your homes. So well done to all of you and don't worry if, like me, you need a break sometimes. Friday is an official day off so feel free to play, watch TV, paint, build, dance and do whatever it is that makes you happy. 

Love from Sarah


Have a look at the powerpoint below to find out more! There are a few different activities for you to chose from today. You could do some VE Day cooking, make bunting, write a diary or do a wordsearch. You might choose to present what you have found out about VE Day in a different way, such as a poster or information booklet. It's entirely up to you. Let me know how you get on. I'd love to see what you have been learning.

Grown ups: The children don't need to learn about World War 2 in any detail in Key Stage 1. The focus is significant events in British history rather than the war itself. They will study this in greater depth in Key stage 2.

 KS1 VE Day PowerPoint.pdfDownload
 Union Flag Handheld Flags.pdfDownload
 Union Jack Bunting.pdfDownload
 VE Day Colouring Page.pdfDownload
 VE Day Diary Writing Template.pdfDownload
 VE Day Word Search.pdfDownload
 Wartime Recipe Booklet.pdfDownload
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Here is a newsround article about VE Day. You will also find a video below of a very famous wartime song. 



Monday 4th May 2020

Good morning Year 2!

I hope you had a lovely weekend. Yesterday, we decided to put up our tent in the garden and pretend we were camping. Then it rained... all day! I decided that camping in the rain wasn't for me, but the rest of my family didn't let the weather get them down and slept in the tent over night. I stayed in my lovely warm house watching TV! Whatever you did this weekend, I hope you had fun and managed to do some of the things you like best.

Here are your learning tasks for the next few days. There is a literacy, maths and one other task for each day. You might not have time for all of them so feel free to dip in and out but don't forget to try to find time to read and do some writing and maths each day; whether that is these tasks, sumdog or something else form your learning pack.

Good luck and don't forget that you can always email me to show me the wonderful work you have been doing at home.

Love from,



This week we are revising basic addition and subtraction. Here is the link to the White Rose daily lessons and worksheets:


The White Rose lessons now link up with BBC Bitesize so you can find more resources and guidance by following the link below.


If you fancy an extra hard maths challenge this week, have a go at this problem from NRich


It was great to see Erin, Betty, Emily G, Callum and Evie having a go at Sumdog this week. You are all doing brilliantly at the maths games so keep up the hard work!


How did you get on with the instructions writing task last week? As promised, you have another day to finish your instructions. If you haven't started them yet, you could do what Fox did and write instructions about something else of your choice. He wrote instructions telling Noi how to make a sea mobile. If you have written your instructions, you could get out a 'purple polishing pen' and try to improve them. Maybe you could add diagrams to make your instructions really clear.

Here is a reminder of the task:

Write instructions to tell Noi how to play the game. You could present your instructions as a booklet with illustrations.


  • 'bossy' verbs like: take, put, throw, dig etc
  • sequence the instructions: first, then, finally etc
  • write short, clear instructions that Noi will understand
  • capital letters and full stops

This weeks new tasks are...

Task 1 (art): Look at the next line of the story.

"One night, a great storm had raged around their house."

What images/words does this sentence conjure up in your mind? Share your thoughts with someone at home. Watch this storm scene to help you to imagine:

Draw/paint the storm that you are visualising. Whilst drawing, you could listen to this piece of music to inspire you:

Task 2 (Poetry):  Add words, phrases and sentences around your artwork to add detail and description. Challenge yourself to use ambitious words and interesting word combinations. Can you turn the words and phrases you have collected into a poem? Here is my poem for you to use an an example:

Raging, crashing, thundering
Howling wind rattling the windows
Sea charging up the beach
A deafening roar of waves.

Task 3 (Literacy): Video coming soon! 

Task 4 (Geography): I hope you had a chance to have a look at the similarities and differences between some seaside locations and find where seasides are using google earth. Today we are going to be recognising and naming the key features of seaside locations. Take a look at the pictures of seaside features first, then complete the activity. 

 features of the seaside activity.docxDownload
 Features of the seaside.pptDownload
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Task 5 (Science): Noi's dad is a fisherman. What does he wear when he goes to work? What is special about the material used for his clothing? It needs to be waterproof to protect him from the sea and rain on the fishing boat. Watch the video below about waterproof materials.  Now I would like you to set up your own experiment. Find three materials at home: one that you think is waterproof, one that you think is not waterproof and one that you are not sure about. For example, you might choose plastic, paper and cotton wool like in the video. Now set up your own experiment to test your ideas. Think about how you will know if it is waterproof? What things will you need to complete your test? How will you record what happened?


I would love you to email me your results!

Week Two

Week Two Gallery

Rowan has really enjoyed finding seaside locations using Google Earth. I'm very impressed with the way he has recorded his findings in a table.

Here is Alejandro's picture and writing about Noi and his cats. I like the adjectives he has chosen. Well done, Ale!

Veronika has been keeping active by skipping at home! She has also been working very hard and doing lots of writing.  Fantastic stuff Veronika! We miss you too!

Here is Evie's home learning about Noi and some beautifully painted pebbles. Great work Evie!

Louie has been very busy at home. He made a wind chime from shells he found on the beach. Impressive stuff!

Alisa has been working hard. Look at that lovely handwriting and use of question marks! Well done!

Here are Fox's questions about the scene form our new book. He's also working on an underwater mural in his kitchen!

Alex has been busy at home! I really love the cats in her picture!

Thursday 29th April 2020

Hello Year 2!

I hope you are having a good week and have been having lots of fun playing, relaxing and learning with your families. I've been in school this week and it was really nice to spend time with a few familiar faces. 

I have some new learning activities for you to have a go at today, including a music lesson from Peddy and a maths task from Katie. Lots of you have been emailing me this week with pictures of your wonderful learning and beach photographs. You can see our 'Beach Gallery' below. Have a look at the different photos and think about the similarities and differences between different seaside places.


There is a problem solving activity on white rose today for you to have a go at. You will need to use skills and knowledge we have learnt earlier on in the year for this one. Don't forget to draw pictures or use any equipment you have at home or in your learning pack to help you. You can also find Katie's Friday maths task below as well. 


Have another look at the story so far...

The Storm Whale Book & Soft Toy - Ages 0-5 - Hardback - Benji ...

The Storm Whale: A Tender Illustrated Story of Loneliness, Loss ...

Task 1: Noi needs to entertain himself for the day. What could he do? How could he make use of the natural resources around him, without resorting to watching TV or playing video games for hours on end? Now this is something that we should all be very good at as we've had lots of practice finding new ways to entertain ourselves recently!

I would like you to make up a game for Noi. Think about the objects on the beach that could be used. What else might he have in his house? Look at the pictures from the book for ideas.

Can you explain the game to someone in your family?

Task 2: Write a list of objects that Noi will need to play the game. Remember to use commas to separate items in a list. For example: rope, chalk, shells, sand, a spade etc

Task 3: Write instructions to tell Noi how to play the game. You could present your instructions as a booklet with illustrations.


  • 'bossy' verbs like: take, put, throw, dig etc
  • sequence the instructions: first, then, finally etc
  • write short, clear instructions that Noi will understand
  • capital letters and full stops

This is a long writing task so you might complete it over a few days. Don't rush! You will have time to finish it next week.


Do you remember the photos of Fox on the beach? Photo 1 was in Sardinia and photo 2 was in Brighton. I'm sure you got them right! Have a look at the gallery below for today's task.


Year 2's Beach Gallery

Take a look at the beaches below. How are they similar? How are they different?

 Year 2 - Music 26.3.20.pdfDownload
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That is all for today Year 2. I'll leave you with a very silly and fun bubble popping activity to get you moving! I hope you and your families have a great weekend and I will be back on Monday. 

Love from,


Monday 27th April 2020

Dear Year 2,

I hope you had a good weekend and are feeling energised and ready for another week of home learning. Have a look at the tasks below and try to do some maths and writing everyday if you can. I'll be back on Thursday with some new tasks... until then have a great week and good luck! 


It was good to see lots of you playing the maths games on Sumdog last week. Well done to Alisa, Frankie, Eva and Adam for giving it a go and answering lots of questions. If you haven't tried it yet, see if you can this week.

This week, the daily maths lessons are still focusing on measuring length. For those of you that don't have a ruler are home, most of the questions can be answered without one. Don't worry if you need to leave some questions out. I have, however, found a rather useful printable ruler which could be an option for those of you that have a printer. Please see the file below. When using a ruler, remember to start measuring from 0 not 1!

If you would like some extra measuring tasks or would like a break from the worksheets, you could try some practical activities. Have a look at the file below.

Here is the link to the white rose daily lessons:


 practical measuring activities.docxDownload
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These are some of the seaside locations we have visited:

Brighton, Sardinia, Dieppe, Miami, Eastbourne, Paphos, Swanage, Newquay and Sydney.

Can you use google earth to:

  • find out which country each place is in?
  • find out which continent each place is in?
  • zoom in on the beaches? How do you know where they are? What do they look like from above?

You could do the same activity for any other seaside places you have visited.


Fox has sent us two photographs at the seaside. One is in Brighton and one is in Sardinia. Can you work out which is which by looking at the features in the photo? Write down/talk about how you know and email me your ideas.

I would still love to have some more photos of you on different beaches so that we can share more examples with the class. If you can, email them to me as soon as possible!

1)                                 2) 

Literacy/topic activities

Today we're going to look at the next page in the story...

Task 1: Look very carefully at this picture. What can you see? Does it tell us anything new about Noi and his Dad? Why are there bits of paper stuck to the walls? Talk to a grown up about your ideas.

The Storm Whale: A Tender Illustrated Story of Loneliness, Loss ...


Task 2: Did you notice Dad's coat and hat? I thought he might be a fisherman. I also wondered if he was going out or coming home. I guessed it must be morning because Noi is eating breakfast.

Let's read the next page:

How do you think Noi and his dad feel about this? What are they thinking? What might their facial expressions look like?

Write thought bubbles for Noi and his dad. Have a look at this example to help you.


Task 3: I found a page from Noi's diary! Have a read...

Can you write your own diary entry in role as Noi.

Remember to:

  • Think about all the things we have learnt about Noi and his dad so far.
  • Show Noi's feelings. 
  • Use capital letters for names and the start of a sentence.
  • Use full stops or question marks.
  • Use commas in a list instead of 'and'
Week One

Hello Year 2!

I hope you had a wonderful break and that the Easter bunny was kind to you! I had a great time with my family. There was lots of chocolate, Easter cakes and relaxing in the garden.  I will be back doing the Joe Wickes P.E lesson today to make up for it! I would love to see what you have been doing. Please email photos to me and make sure your grown ups say whether I have permission to put them on the class page.

We miss you!

Did you see the video filled with messages from your school adults to you? We wanted to let you know how much we've been missing you and are looking forward to seeing you again.

We've had an idea...

Could you make your own poster containing a message to us and/or your friends this week? Ask your adult to take a photo and send it to our email address before the weekend and we will share them all on Monday  27th.

Remember- You're message can be displayed any way you like! See our video (on your class WhatsApp page) for ideas!

Good luck. We can't wait to see them!

Rainbow Predictor - Introduction: | Raspberry Pi Projects

Don't forget to email your messages by Friday if possible. Thanks!

Home Learning: A message for grown ups.

I will be continuing to add home learning tasks every Monday and Thursday this term. These will be topic based activities, usually with a literacy focus. You will also see below a link to daily maths lessons. There are teaching videos with accompanying worksheets and answers. I hope you will find these useful. If you don't have a printer, you could just note the answers down on a piece of paper. I have also registered everyone in Year 2 on a maths website called Sumdog which the KS2 children are already using. I've tried it out with my own 7 year old and it is a big hit! You will receive a ping today with your child's log in details. I found that 20 minutes or so each day has worked really well. 

Please don't feel that there is an expectation to complete everything, everyday. Do what works for you and your family. As a general guide, you could try to do 20 mins of maths, 20 mins of literacy, share a story and do a topic task each day. Some of you will be able to do more, some less and every day will be different. For those of you who would like more activities, BBC bitesize are launching daily lessons from today. There is a daily maths and English lesson as well as a range of foundation subjects. We will be linking up with the daily maths lessons in the next couple of weeks. Until then, please continue to do the maths tasks that we set. I have included a link to the site below.

I know first hand just how much of a juggling act life is at the moment! Please also remember to take care of yourselves and do the things that you enjoy as individuals and as a family. I for one am loving our afternoon walk each day and have also got a rather tricky 1000 piece jigsaw on the go!

Take care and please email me if you have any questions,



Week One Gallery

Emily has written a poem about Spring. Great work, Emily!

Fox has drawn Noi's six cats and written some fabulous noun phrases. Take a look at some of the other things he has been up to. I am loving the lego bus! I've been building the Harry Potter Knight Bus since Christmas... maybe Fox could give me some tips!

It's great to see Callum's home learning. He has created a fantastic seaside picture and writing. Well done!

Bea has been up to all sorts over Easter: baking, sewing, measuring, exercising and even being a tiger! It's really lovely to see you are still skipping, Bea.

Alejandro and his sister have been very busy!

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good morning Year 2!

Well done to everyone who had a go at Monday's learning tasks. Here are your tasks for the next couple of days:


Have you started the white rose lessons on measuring length yet? I've realised that these tasks will be tricky if you don't have a ruler or tape measure at home! Don't worry if you have to miss out some questions.

Lesson 4: To help with lesson 4, a 3 year old is about 1 metre tall. The doors inside your home are about 2 metres tall. 


Lesson 5: Katie has a really lovely Friday maths task for you! Please see the document below.

I can see that lots of you have had a go at Sumdog and it looks like you are really enjoying it. Fantastic! I was absolutely amazed to see how many questions Anthony, Edyta and Alejandro have answered in the last few days. Impressive stuff!

 Katie maths 1.docxDownload
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 Remember to keep reading/listening to stories every day.

Grown ups: I have included a link to a huge bank of free e-books at the top of the page. They link to the colour that your child is reading in class. If you don't know what colour your child is currently reading, please email to ask. Also, bear in mind that they may have moved on since March so use your judgement if you think they need to move on a level.


This is a great site for practising common exception words:



Did you enjoy drawing a picture from the sentence I gave you last time? I'm sure lots of you came up with wonderful expanded noun phrases to describe it. Today I am going to show you the book but I can't tell you what it is called just yet...


The Storm Whale Book & Soft Toy - Ages 0-5 - Hardback - Benji ...

Task 1: Compare your artwork with the illustrations from the book. Talk with a grown up about how they are similar or different. 

Task 2: What do you notice about the picture? Look carefully at the characters. Is there anything that puzzles you?

Now write a list of questions. Remember to use question words (who, what, where, when, why, how) and capital letters and question marks.

Here are some of my questions:

What is Noi doing?

Why do they have so many cats?

What is Noi's dad looking at?

Task 3: Have a really close look at the enlarged picture below. Can you find all 6 cats? It's tricky!

The Storm Whale | Benji Davies | Macmillan


Noi and his dad live by the seaside. We are going to be learning what seaside locations are like. We already know a lot about Brighton but this is very different to the seaside that Noi lives in. Have a go at the quiz below to see what you already know about seaside places. Then, write a list of some of the seaside locations you have visited. These could be local, in the UK or in another country. It would be great if you could email me your list and even include photos of the places so that we can share these with our Year 2 friends.

 Seaside quiz.docxDownload
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That's all until Monday. 

Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you enjoy the activities but don't forget to make lots of time to play too.

Love from Sarah

Monday 20th April 2020

It is a new term and we are saying good bye to 'Fear Fighters'. This term we will be learning about the seaside. Here are your home learning tasks for the next few days:



Mary-Anne and I have chosen a new book for us to read and we think you are going to really like it! But we're not going to read the story today... its a surprise for now. Look at the first sentence from the story:

Noi lived with his dad and six cats by the sea.

1) Draw what you see in your mind's eye to illustrate this sentence. You can use pens, pencils, crayons, paint. Whatever you have at home.

2) Write expanded noun phrases around your artwork to describe the scene.

Grown ups: An expanded noun phrase is a noun (object, place or person) that has been modified, usually by an adjective. For example: shiny, golden pebbles. Follow this link for more information:


3) Challenge yourself - can your noun phrases describe the weather, the type of beach, the mood of the sea?


This week we will be finishing fractions and then moving on to measures. Here is a link to the daily maths lessons and resources:


I have also signed Year 2 up on a maths games site called Sumdog. You will need a log in and password which has been sent to your grown ups on ping. Try it out here:

  Sumdog (@sumdog) | Twitter   https://www.sumdog.com/user/sign_in

Spelling and reading:

Please continue to practice the Common Exception Words that I gave you in your home learning pack.

I know lots of you love to read and listen to stories. Try to do a little reading every day. It could be a story, recipe, magazine, poem or anything else you choose!

I look forward to seeing examples of your lovely work as well as the other things you have been up to! 

Love from,


What Animal Am I?

I'm still hoping someone might guess the animal correctly. Put those thinking caps on and email me your questions.


Emily W also thought I might be an elephant - not this time, Emily!


Alex has gone for a guess:

Are you an elephant?

No - but you are getting very close!


Veronika asked:

Do you have patterns?



Rowan has also had a cheeky guess:

Are you a bison?

Not this time, Rowan!


These questions were sent in by Emilija - thank you!

Do you have sharp claws? 
Do you have patterns?
Do you live in a forest?
Are you a type of cat?
Fab questions from Frankie and Nate:
Are you a predator?
Can you swim?
Not really! But people probably think I can.
Frankie, Nate and Rowan asked:
Are you a mammal?
Elly has emailed these questions:
Do you have feathers?
Are you a bird?
Here are Emily's questions:
Do you hibernate?

Are you a pet?

Do you eat meat?
Very occasionally!
Emilija has guessed...
Are you a monkey?
A great guess Emilija, but I am not a monkey!
Nate asked:
Do you live in the UK?
Do you live in a pack?
Yes! I live in a herd.
Are you a bat?
Some more questions from Frankie and Nate:
Do you have hooves?
No! I don't think so. (There seems to be some disagreement about this on google!)
Are you bigger than a horse?