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Welcome to the Summer Term

Happy Thursday Year 1. What a busy week you are all having. I'm loving your interesting whale books, super whale creations, terrific tree hunting, amazing Maths and cool dances on Dance Party! It's great to see lots of you outside enjoying this glorious weather. My kids and I scooted to Preston Park yesterday, it's quite a challenge making sure my twins stay 2 metres away from people but luckily my big girls, Rose and Peggy, lead the way and we found a quiet spot, under an old Elm tree, to enjoy our picnic. Have you seen the Elm tree in Preston Park?  There used to be two of them and they were known as the 'Preston Twins' but sadly one had to be chopped down last year. The remaining tree is over 400 years old! It's amazing - maybe you could go and find it. 

Next week is half term so we won't be putting up any learning on our web page. Keep reading, counting, exercising, being kind and smiling. We miss you all so much. Next term I might brave making you a video message so you can look forward to that! 

Take good care of yourselves and each other. Lots of love Karlynn and the Year 1 team. 


This week in Science we are naming the parts of a plant and explaining what they do. Watch the PowerPoint with your adult then have a go at making a plant out of materials you have at home. Finally label the parts and write a short phrase explaining what it does like this-

Petals - attracts insects and birds.

Roots - soaks up water and food.


Peddy recently discovered that Charanga, the online music package which we subscribe to, offers free learning packages for every child that wants to learn an instrument. This is fantastic news, as since Mick's departure we've had lots of queries about learning instruments but the lessons didn't get underway before lockdown came into force.
Peddy has have created class login details for each year group which you can find below. Some of the children have already been using these details for the online music lessons that she shares. There are more than 20 instruments to choose from, as well as a monthly 'listening calendar' celebrating significant musical events for each month (e.g. Stevie Wonder and Mike Oldfield were both May babies! Happy Birrrthday tooo yer!

Week 5 home learning (wb 18th May 2020)

Week 5 gallery

Rita reads us her super whale script!

Here's Ola reading her brilliant information booklet about whales...

Check out these super ninjas counting to 10 in Japanese !

You may remember  I said 'watch this space for a very funny video by  Phoebe and her brother Noah'.  The wait is over as with a little help I was able to add it to the webpage!

Click on the link below to watch the very funny and inventive video!.

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did! https://drive.google.com/file/d/11VNWkiTrCK5raOYkwSvgrqS1Pk9ROCxw/view 

Leo used the computer to type his facts about whales. Click on the link below to have a look at his excellent computer skills!

Another brilliant dance created on 'Dance Party'! If you haven't tried this yet perhaps give it a go over half term next week.

So sorry for the amount of times I say 'um' in the above video. I tried to film it again but it seems I've lost all of my usual words since lockdown! You will also hear my daughter cheering at the end of the video- she is very happy because I'd said if she was quiet whilst I filmed this, she could have a biscuit!  Ummmm


Good morning Year 1. I hope you are all enjoying the glorious sunshine. It's supposed to get super hot today so make sure you wear a hat and put sun cream on if you are outside playing. This week in Maths we are exploring Fractions. A fraction of a whole is when you split it into equal parts. Can you spot any objects in your home that you can split into a half (2 equal parts) or a quarter (4 equal parts)? We have to quarter a lot of food in my house as you all know I have 4 (very hungry) children!  Watch the video with your adult and have a go at the worksheets. Remember to use objects such as pencils, pens, cereal, raisins to help you with your halving and quartering. Good luck and enjoy! Remember to come back tomorrow for this weeks Science and Music........


I've included a PDF with the video links to each lesson (Year1-1) and the worksheets are linked below:


 Lesson 1 Find a half (2) 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 2 Find a quarter (1) 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 3 Find a quarter (2) 2020.pdfDownload
 Lesson 4 Problem Solving.pdfDownload
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This week Vicky is reading a book by Oliver Jeffers.

Happy Monday Year One! 

To start your week off we have some exciting projects for you including:


a' voice over' challenge, making a rainbow, dancing to Shrek and counting to ten in a language different to your own!


Please don't forget that home-schooling is not a 'one size fits all' approach and this page is here to support you, giving you daily tasks that can be used to suit you and your home learning structure. Please don't hesitate to send us emails with any questions you may have and to share your home experiences with us. We have loved celebrating your activities and feeling connected with you all at this strange time. We will be here until we are back together in the classroom again!

Have a lovely week,

Mary-Anne and the Year 1 team xxx


ps, You will  find a section below entitled 'Reflecting on your learning'- this is a chance for you to think back over your time in Year 1 and to think about all of the fun and exciting things you are been doing- and how far you've come since Reception!

Keep moving!


Oti Mabuse's official YouTube has many fun dance routines for kids which include music from Trolls, Frozen, Greatest Showman, Mary Poppins and Shrek. The classes are half an hour of fun dance moves to great songs. I've tried the Frozen and Shrek dances with my two it was great fun!


Task One- to create an information text about blue whales (last week continued)

This can be typed into a Powerpoint, displayed on a poster or made into a book. We'd like this to  be a piece of work that you are proud of ,so it may take a little longer to do. You can do  little at a time if you like. We all like to take breaks to help us to focus. Try a 'Go Noodle' dance in between your learning if you are finding it hard to concentrate.

(If you have completed this task move to task 2)

Task Two-  Collecting language for TV Nature Narration 

Watch the video below of me narrating what is happening in the picture.

(Video below)

‘And there the blue whale gives birth to her baby, where storms and cold weather can’t hurt it. The blue whale’s baby slithers from her body, tail first. Gently she nudges it to the surface to take its first breath. Then the baby dives beneath her to take its first drink of milk.’ 

Pick out words and phrases that you think best describe the whales, their movement and their relationship. Scribe these on strips of paper.

Task Three -Explore TV Nature Narration

Watch below the documentary film clip of the baby whale’s search for its mother:


With your adult-Listen to language used (both descriptive and scientific). Talk about-

Why does the narrator pause? Can you hear the narrator change their voice ( vocal intonation)? How is music used for effect? 

Explore more voice-overs . David Attenborough is a great place to start!


Task 5- write a script and become a TV narrator!

Use the above picture of the whale and it's mother or the picture of the baby whale and write/read a voice over to match what is happening. If you wish to get really creative you could make an animation by recording your 'junk modelling whale' and talk over the top.

It can be as simple or as imaginative as you wish!

Have lots of fun with this.

This task will continue onto next week so no rush.


Modern Foreign Languages.

Can you learn to count to ten in a different language this week? Below is a video :


A group of Spanish children play Abuelito, ¿qué hora es?, a Spanish playground game similar to Granny’s footsteps. They count in Spanish using numbers 1-10 as they play taking footsteps in the style of different animals!

Have a go at learning Spanish!

Creative- Science fun! 

 I saw this on the back of a smoothie pack and thought you may like to have a go at making your own rainbow!

Reflecting on your learning this year

If you haven’t done this already we would appreciate you spending some time with your child reflecting on their learning. We would like you to make a list of things they feel they have achieved or are proud of so far this academic year and things they still find a bit tricky.

In previous years children have come up with some excellent ideas e.g.

Things I'm proud of   

I am a kind friend.  I like using maths equipment when solving calculations.  I am good at remembering to use finger spaces, capital letters and full stops in my writing.  I know all my digraphs.  I can run really fast.  I love doing art and craft work.  I have learned to ride my bike! 

Things I find a bit tricky 

I find using the mouse on the laptop tricky.  Getting changed for PE quickly is hard.  Sharing toys with my brother / sister.  Forming my numbers correctly.  Colouring within the lines of my pictures.  Using scissors to cut out shapes.  Reading new words.


We would love your child to think of two or three things they are proud of and the same number for things they find a bit tricky. Please email us your reflections.

. We will be adding this information to your child’s school report. 


Our spelling pattern for this week is: Prefix un-

It would be helpful if the children could learn to spell the following words:
unhappy unhelpful unfit unfair unsafe unlock untie undo

Helpful hint!
- Prefixes are added to the beginning of root words to change their meaning.
- The un prefix changes the meaning to not/opposite of 

Also help your child to notice this spelling pattern in their reading books.  









Week 4 - Home Learning (wb 11th May 2020)

Happy Thursday Year 1. Well done for all your super learning at home. We are very impressed. Mary Anne and I were in school on Tuesday and the classroom felt very empty and quiet without Year 1 in it. We can't wait until  your happy, smiley, enthusiastic faces are in school again. Thanks for continuing to send messages, pictures and videos of everything you are doing at home, it's so lovely to see how much you are growing up, you all look so tall and the tooth fairy must be busy with all the Year 1 teeth that are falling out! Keep smiling, keep counting, keep reading and stay safe.

We miss you so very much. Love Karlynn and the Year 1 team xxx


Scroll down for this week's Science and Music................

Year One's... gallery of fun - wonderful whale facts, stunning whale creations, super tree and leaf hunting, amazing maths,  great growing and loads of smiles...............

I found the video of the fox cub bouncing on our trampoline. He looks like he's having a great time! Have you seen any cheeky animals up to mischief?

Sounds like lots of you have been enjoying coding this week on Scratch and Dance Party! Send us the videos you make.

Check out Ava's below!


This week in Science we are looking at terrific trees. I love trees. Especially in Spring time when their branches are filled with colourful blossom. We are lucky to have some trees in the garden behind ours so every morning I wake up to the sounds of birds singing and rustling around in their nests. We also have lots of cheeky squirrels who sneak into our garden and dig up our bulbs - I think that's why we're not very good at growing things! We've also spotted a family of foxes who live amongst the trees and one year a sneaky cub started bouncing on our trampoline! I'll try and find the video I took of him and i'll post it on here. 


Watch the Powerpoint with an adult - it will introduce words like deciduous and evergreen and help you to name the trees you see when walking around the streets and parks of Brighton. There is also a tree spotting activity you can print and have a go at. Don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can collect and draw the leaves that you find then use the sheets to name them. Have fun!

Here's some fun and fabulous music for you to try this month.

Here is this week's story with Vicky:



This weeks Maths is a little different - you can still access the learning video from the White Rose Maths link at the top of the page, then you access the worksheets by clicking on them below.

For these lessons you will need tens frames to help you build and see the amounts. You can draw these out on paper, or print the ones we have included in the resources link below. Remember it's okay if you don't have counters - use cereal, pasta, buttons or anything that you can count with.


Lesson 1 - Add by making 10 - you should now be confident at making 10. Remember the game we play in class when we hold up some fingers and you have to hold up the rest to make 10? Show your adult this game - its a great warm up and reminder.

Lesson 2 - subtraction crossing 10 - when we subtract the numbers get smaller. You can subtract a number by taking away. Your answer should always be smaller than the number you started with. Use the number line to help you subtract - remember to put your finger on the biggest number then jump backwards to land on your answer. 

Lesson 3 - subtraction crossing 10 (2)

Lesson 4 - compare number sentences - use counters and tens frames to solve the number sentences. Then you can compare them by seeing which one is greater/less/equal to.


We will post the answers here on Friday. Please check and mark your work then email us pictures of your learning. Good luck and have fun! We are so impressed with all your Maths so far - keep up the super work!

Printable tens frames:

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Happy Monday Year 1. This week for literacy we are continuing with our book. Watch the videos to hear the next part of the story and to finally reveal the title!

This week we have a new character appearing in our story- a little whale! You may wish to update your story boxes by adding a little blue whale.

Task 1- Looking at language. Can you make a word collection to describe Noi's emotions?

Watch the next part of the story (videos 2 and 3 below). How do you think Noi is feeling as he races across the beach? Write your words onto paper pebbles and organise them into shades of emotional intensity. Watch video 1 to see how to complete the task- discussing how Noi's feelings could change as he gets closer and closer to the whale.

Have fun!

Check out the photos below to see what resources you will need for this task and my example:

Task 2- What do you know and what would you like to find out about whales? Can you make a poster to display your thinking?

We need to help Noi to help the beached baby whale. Do you know anything about whales? What do you think we'll need to find out about whales so we can support Noi and his whale?

Can you add your thoughts to a poster? On Wednesday we will start to research facts about whales.


Task 3- Make an information booklet about whales.

Can you help Noi by becoming a blue whale expert? Find out facts about blue whales to create an information book. Watch the video below to start you off.

Spelling task

 Our spelling patterns for this week are: -es for plurals It would be helpful if the children could learn to spell the following words;

-sh       wishes brushes dishes

-ch       watches churches benches

-x        foxes, boxes

-s/-ss    buses glasses kisses

Helpful hint! -es is added to the end of root words with the final letters sh, ch, x, s/ss

- when spoken, it usually sounds like is/iz

Also help your child use these spelling patterns to sound out words in their reading books. Phonics activity  Chose a word from the lists above and write a sentence.

 Look at this video 



Here is another coding website if you have finished with Scratch junior - Create your own dance party!
Go to: https://studio.code.org/s/dance-2019/stage/1/puzzle/1
To choose a level, click on the dots at the top of the screen. Remember to watch the videos and read the instructions to help you to create your own dance party!


Continue to work through the activities. 

Scratch Jr – Coding for young children. Follow the link below to find out more. https://www.scratchjr.org/ (see last week for clickable link)

Get creative!

Can you use bits from your recycling box and make your own little whale from the story? See below for some fun ideas!

Maths Update:

Good Morning Year 1 Parents and Carers,

As of Monday, the White Rose Maths activities are password protected. You can still watch the video but you will need to access the worksheets via our webpage where we will download them for you to access. We will continue to provide the Maths activities on Wednesdays. 

Thanks again for all your hard work at home. Have a great weekend, love Karlynn and Mary Anne. 


Happy Birthday to Agnes who's birthday is on Saturday - we hope your day is filled with sunshine and smiles.

Lots of love Karlynn, Mary Anne and all of the wonderful Year 1 xxx

Home learning- wb 4th May 2020

Scroll down for this weeks Science and History tasks........

We have our first Tiktok challenge dancer - well done Carmen - you've got the moves!

Week 3- Gallery. Storm poetry, Storm paintings, amazing Numeracy work, fabulous phonics, special seaside locations (Geography task), creative tasks linked to your own interests, more planting and a huge amount of smiling!


Tomorrow is a special bank holiday, a celebration of VE Day. VE means Victory in Europe and marks the ending of World War 2 in Europe. At the time this caused huge celebrations all over the country and as this year is the 75th anniversary of VE Day, we have a bank holiday to remember it.

There is a PowerPoint presentation below to find out more information and there are some links to keep you busy:  a model of a Spitfire glider that you can make, a war-time recipe book for you to have a look at. I like the bread pudding - I only tried it recently and its surprisingly delicious! Eggs were rationed during the war, so lots of the recipes are cooked without them. Maybe you could have a go at some war time recipes. There's also some bunting that you can decorate - you don't need to print this, ask your adult to cut out lots of triangles, decorate them and hang them up around your home.  

 T2-T-803-Simple-WW2-Spitfire-Glider-Activity-Paper-Craft (1).pdfDownload
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Good Morning Year 1 - We hope you're having a good week and having a go at some of the tasks. This weeks Maths is all about number, adding and subtracting. We have used the 'part whole' models in class so we hope you recognise them. Remember to watch the short video with an adult then have a go at the activity. The dates on the leaning are correct this week so start on Day 1 and work your way through each day.

BBC Bitesize have linked their learning to White Rose so have a look at that too - it gives very clear explanations about what is being taught (it's very helpful for your adults).


Adults - please support your child by physically counting out the numbers, you don't need counters - we've been using raisins, pop corn, Lego and beads at home. Today we used hoop cereal! We drew a big 'part whole' diagram (the one that looks like a cherry) so our children could physically count and see the parts of the whole number.


Keep counting, keep smiling and keep up the great work. 






Day 1 - Part whole relationships number bonds

Day 2 - Fact Families

Day 3 - Add together and find a part

Day 4 - Add more and count on within 20

Day 5 - Challenge



Science - Good Morning Year 1. How is your planting and growing going? We've had very little success! I don't think we're very green fingered. Luckily my neighbour gave us lots of seeds yesterday so my kids have planted them and fingers crossed they will start to grow soon.

This week we are looking at garden plants. Please look at the power point with your adult. 

Task - Design your own garden full of garden plants. . All you need is a piece of paper and some coloured pens, pencils or crayons. Make your garden as colourful as possible. Can you label the plants you have drawn? You might want to include some other features, like a pond. Have fun, we can't wait to see your pictures. 


Keeping Active at home Challenge... can you earn a bronze, silver, gold or platinum virtual medal!

Here's another story read by Vicky:

Good morning Year 1- May the 4th be with you!

We've listed some new tasks below for you to try this week. Try as many as you like within your home routine.

We love to hear about all of the other fun things you have been getting up to at home too.  Don't forget we are thinking of you all.



This week we are continuing with our seaside story- check out last week's video if you need a recap.

We've met Noi, his Dad and his six cats.

Let's have a think-What do we know about the story so far?

We know Noi and his Dad live at the seaside. Well done if you guessed correctly that Noi's Dad is a fisherman and he heads off to work everyday leaving Noi at home. You may have noticed that the illustrator of this book (Benji Davies) has chosen not to draw a mouth on Noi. Why do you think this is? Share your ideas with your adult. 

Task 1- Create your own storm illustration to accompany the next sentence from our story: 

'One night a great storm had raged around their house.'

Click the links below to see a real seaside storm and hear a piece of storm music whilst you create your storm picture. You could use any type of media- see the pictures below for inspiration.

Benjamin Britten - Four Sea Interludes from "Peter Grimes


Task 2- Verbs- Collecting phases (including action verbs) to describe the storm

Watch the clip below to remind you about verbs.

In class we have used action verbs to describe a movement. For example, 'jumping' 'crashing'. These verbs ended in 'ing'. Can you collect phrases including action words to describe your storm picture? Can you write  them onto  strips of paper like mine below?


Task 3- Poetry

Can you remember what a poem is? It is a collection of ideas that can be read in a rhythm or to a beat. Poems do not have to rhyme. I have put below an example of a poem. You may wish to find some more this week.

Today's task is to make your own poem about the storm. Guess what Year One!? You've already completed the hard task of collecting exciting vocabulary all you need to do now is to:

-arrange your strips of paper one on top of another (like a ladder).

-Now read your poem aloud! Can you hear the rhythm?

-Stick them down and take a photo of your poem for us or read it aloud for us to hear the beat!


For an extra challenge- you could add more detail to your poem. Check out the photos below. In picture one your will see I have arranged my phrases to form a poem. In picture 2 I have arranged, edited and up-levelled (improved) my poem. EDIT- I think my pictures have uploaded the wrong way around sorry!

Tasks 4 and 5 please focus on the spelling and handwriting tasks in your pack. Ask your special adults to identify recurring spelling mistakes in your writing so you can learn something new and move forward -----learning power!

Please don't forget your daily phonics activities  (use Phonics play for additional games - Phase 5) and reading (see below for BIG CAT Collins book links). I've been using these with my youngest and she loves them. The books are levelled so the tasks can be independent.

We are proud of you x


In the summer of Year One we start to introduce the children to coding. Scratch Jr is available, which is free to download.

Scratch Jr – Coding for young children. Follow the link below to find out more.


To learn more about Scratch Jr click on ‘About’. Click on ‘Learn’ , this section will teach you about the different aspects of Scratch Jr such as the interface guide. By clicking on ‘Teach’ you will learn more about the activities and interface.

You can download Scratch Jr as a free app onto a Ipad or Android tablet, see the section FQA for further details (found in the ‘About’ section of the top bar).

Geography- We are looking at seaside locations like our city of Brighton and Hove  in England.

Have you visited a different seaside location? Where have you been? What was it like? What were the similarities and differences between our Brighton beach and the one you visited? Can you email us with a photograph of you there?

Karlynn, Sam and Anna have been practicing the TikTok Dance challenge - Can you and your family have a go? 

Gallery update from last week - wonderful writing, amazing measuring, delicious baking, great growing and some super silly creatures!

And more making, researching, writing, treasure hunting, baking and counting................................Fantastic work Year 1, we are so proud of you all. 

Happy Birthday Poppy! It looks like you had a wonderful day. We look forward to sharing some cake with you soon.............

Home learning- wb 27th April 2020

Happy Thursday Year 1. We hope you are enjoying this weeks learning. It's great to see so many of you having a go at all of the tasks. We are super proud of every single one of you. Scroll down for your second Science task on wild plants. Has anyone's seeds started to grow? Ours haven't yet........my children are getting quite impatient! 

Keep having a go at the White Rose Home Learning Maths Tasks. Remember we are on week 2 (ignore the dates) and you should follow each lesson in sequence:

Day 1 - Weight and Mass Day 

Day 2 - Measure mass

Day 3 - Compare Mass

Day 4 - Introduce Capacity and Volume 

Day 5 - Measure Capacity

Keep emailing us with your learning - we love hearing from you all. Stay safe, stay happy, we miss you loads - Karlynn and Mary Anne xxx

Vicky is missing you and has recorded a story for you all. You can watch it here:

Kelly read a funny poem at home and thought you'd all like to hear it!  She challenges you to invent your own silly creature and we'll post them below. Have fun!

This week's gallery is a good one! Look how many Champion Learners we have in Year One.

Superstar reading, writing and number work!

Cooking, planting, 3D maps and more!

Coming soon- Phoebe and her brother have been filmmakers this week and have made a very funny video! 

Year One keeping active this week

Happy Monday Year One!

A very Happy birthday to Kamal and Florence for last weekend and this week, we wish we could share your birthdays with you this year. Eat some cake for us please!We hope you all had a lovely weekend and saw the sunshine during your daily exercise.  We have lots of exciting activities planned for you this week so scroll down, have fun and keep in touch.

Love Mary-Anne and Karlynn x



We were very impressed with your engagement in our new seaside themed text last week. Let's find out more about Noi and his Dad!

Tasks 1, 2 and 3 below.

Tasks 4 and 5 please focus on the spelling and handwriting tasks in your pack. Ask your special adults to identify recurring spelling mistakes in your writing so you can learn something new and move forward -----learning power!

Please don't forget your daily phonics activities  (use Phonics play for additional games - Phase 5) and reading (see below for BIG CAT Collins book links). I've been using these with my youngest and she loves them. The books are levelled so the tasks can be independent.

Thank you for your hard work!

Task 1:  To write a diary entry in role as Noi.

Watch both videos. Look at the illustration of Noi looking out of the window as his Dad heads off to work.

How do you think Noi  is feeling? What is he thinking? What do you think Noi will do next?

In your literacy books begin with 'Dear Diary'- can you write in role as Noi?

Steps to success:

-Say your sentence aloud before writing.

-Remember to use your writing checklist (see below) and your sound card when writing(in your pack).

-Challenge - to include a variety of punctuation in your writing. 

Task 2 - Design a game for Noi to play at home- write a list of the things he will need.

Task 3- Write a set of instructions for Noi, explaining how to play your game.

Design and Technology-  Healthy Eating and Nutrition

Watch the two clips below about healthy eating and nutrition.

Task - Can you design a healthy lunch for Noi? You can either design it on a piece if paper or prepare it with your special adult. 

Steps to success-

-Can you name the food groups that you have included?

-Can you explain why this lunch is healthy for Noi?

-Challenge- can you explain to a family member five ways to be healthy?


Athlete Amanda Jones explains what people need to eat for a healthy lifestyle. She lists the five types of food which must be eaten every day to stay healthy. She also explains why exercising and getting enough sleep are part of a healthy lifestyle.


All over the world people eat a wide variety of foods. Wherever you live, it is important to include a range of different foods to have a varied and healthy diet. This clip includes images of fruit, vegetables and fish from around the globe.



Happy Monday Year 1 - here's the link to this weeks Maths lessons. Please ignore the dates and click on Week 1. The first lesson introducing weight and mass. You will use the words heavierlighter, more than, less than, same as. Can you compare the weights of objects in your house? What's heavier an apple or a grape? Is your teddy heavier or lighter than you? Watch the video then have a go at the activity. We look forward to hearing about the objects you have weighed.



Creative-  Seaside in a shoe box

Using a box from your recycling or an old shoebox. Can you create a small world seaside scene?

Can you add Noi's house?

Handy hits-

-lego/action figures can be used to represent Noi and his Dad

-you will find lots of fantastic craft materials in your recycling bin. An egg box could be a house!

-Salt mixed with yellow paint would make realistic sand!

-Take your time. Crafting is a fun project!

Challenge - you may wish to video yourself showing us around your project!


Keep active- Check the document posted last week for lots of fun ways to keep active.

Try-' Poppin' bubbles! '


Home Learning- Wb 20th April 2020

Video Messages:

  Did you see the video? It is filled with messages from your school adults to you! 

We have missed you and wanted to show you some of the things that we have been thinking so we each made a poster and Dom put them together to make a video to send to you. Did you spot Dom? He was... The Hulk!

We've had an idea...

Can you make your own poster containing a message to us or/and your friends this week?

Ask your adult to send it to our email address before next Monday and we will share them all on Monday  27th.

Remember- Your message can be displayed in any way you like! See our video (on your class WhatsApp page) for ideas!

Good luck. We can't wait to see them! 

Thank you to Carmen, Jasmine, Nathan, Jack, Rita, Skye, Agnes, Ola,Linus, Poppy D,Ava, Sadie, Leo, Skye, Phoebe and  Johnny Ray who have sent us their pictures for the video.

Keep them coming Year 1!

Sum Dog 

You have all been signed up to a maths games site called Sum Dog.

Please email us for your unique username and password.

 Sumdog (@sumdog) | Twitter   https://www.sumdog.com/user/sign_in

300 free Collins Big Cat ebooks for key Stage 1 children:



Week One Gallery-Look at all of this home learning -we are so proud of you all!

As we 'return' from our Easter Break, we have been busy preparing new learning activities for the coming weeks, to help support you all to continue the wonderful job you are doing with your children. There is lots of online content being 'recommended' for parents by lots of companies and websites at the moment and it can feel overwhelming at times to do everything that you see pop up or you're tagged in by a friend.

The work set on here, plus any offline content you wish to do with your children is great, as well as lots of reading of course!


The link below has lots of good, age appropriate content if you wish to add to your tasks.


BBC Bitesize KS1:


So, welcome back everyone, and as always, we are here if and when you need us. Please stay in contact via our email- we love hearing from you all!


Mary-Anne and Karlynn 




Literacy Tasks 1,2 and 3 below.

For tasks 4 and 5 please focus on the spelling and handwriting tasks in your pack. Please don't forget your daily phonics activities.

Thank you for your hard work!

We are starting a new and exciting text this term. Just like in the classroom, we will only be revealing one or two pages at a time. This will help you to use the 'power of the pictures' and the 'power of your reading' to bring the story to life!

Are you ready? Great!

Task 1

Below is the second page of the our book. Can you read this page aloud to your adult? Think and talk about the following questions-

-What can you see in your minds eye as you hear the words?

-Who are the characters in this story?

-Where are they?

-What do you think the weather is like?

Using chalk, crayons, pencils, pens or paint can you create the illustration (pictures) that matches this text?

Challenge- Can you add detail to your drawing.  Label or write a description.


Successful writing will include-

-Capital letters for names of places/people/ to begin a sentence

-punctuation (could you include a question mark?)

-careful letter formation (can you keep try to keep all of your lowercase letters the same size)

-finger spaces within sentences

-interesting vocabulary (your word choice will bring your illustration to life- eg, 'shimmering waters') 


Send me your illustrations and I can create an online gallery!

Literacy- Task two  - below is the original illustration from page one of our new book. 

Can you compare it to your own interpretation?

Have a look carefully at the picture 

-How do you think Noi and his Dad are feeling? How do you know? Look carefully at their faces- what do you notice?

-Can you spot the six cats in the picture? (It took my daughter and I a long time to find them but there are six!)

-Does anything puzzle you about this picture? Why do you think there is so much space between father and son? 


Can you write down your thinking into sentences? You may wish to write a list of questions (using  question marks) or you could write a description of the picture.

Here are a few of my thoughts noted down-

I am wondering why Noi's bike doesn't have peddles? Do you think he can ride a bike? Does his Dad have a bike? Perhaps Noi's Dad has a job near the seaside? Why isn't he looking at Noi? What is Noi's Dad looking at?


A note to adults- this activity is to designed to gather interest and inquiry about the characters and the story. This will encourage a relationship with the characters so your child with be keen to hear more from them and want to write about them. The more talk about the pictures the better! Enjoy - this book is a favourite of mine.


Have fun!


Literacy Task 3

Re-read the opening sentence aloud, then look at the next picture below (the illustration of Noi eating his breakfast and his father collecting his coat)

  • What do you notice when you explore the illustration:
    o What do you like and dislike about what you see?
  • o Does it remind you of anything in real life or stories?
  • o Do you have any questions about it? Does anything puzzle you?
  • o How does this picture add to or change what you thought before?   

Task- Can you draw Noi and his Dad from the scene? What do you think they are thinking?

Can you add a thought bubble and add  your ideas? Remember to use your writing checklist above to see if you have been successful.


I have added an example below.



Good Morning Year 1 Maths Wizards! Sorry we've not put up the Maths Tasks sooner, we have been deciding on the best tasks for you. We have decided to use the White Rose Home Learning which is similar to what we use in class so it should be familiar. There is a short video to explain the learning followed up by an activity for you to try. Don't worry if you can't print out the worksheet, you can write your answers in a book or piece of paper. Here is the link, start on Day 1 - Making Doubles and good luck. Your adults might need to help you.

Please email with any questions and any pictures of your work.  




Try Karate Cats Maths-



 This term we are exploring Plants and how they grow. Watch this PowerPoint with your adult as it has some tricky words in it like photosynthesis!

Task 1

Can you have a go at growing your own plant? If you have seeds and soil that's great. Don't worry if you don't, you can use food scraps - try putting the top of a carrot in water. Keep us updated with pictures of what grows. 

You need to be patient - plant's don't grow over night!

Task 2 

This week Year 1 are becoming Wild Plant Spotters. Watch the Powerpoint Presentation with your adult. Do you recognise any of the wild plants? Have you spotted any before in a park or in a garden? On your next walk look out for wild plants. My daughter spotted some dandelions and some fairy purses (I don't know their real name!) on our street. Our neighbour also has lots of ivy and daisies in her front garden.

Have a look at the attached sheet, if you can print it off and fill it in, that's great. If not why don't you have a go at drawing and naming them. You could ask your adult to take some pictures of what you spot. Remember to email us with what you find. Good luck!



Can you explore the human, environmental and physical features of a seaside location (Brighton)?

Watch this clip-


Presenter Kirsten O'Brien shows how to record the physical features of an area on to a 2D map using painting and sketching. She then uses this to create 3D images of memorable places and landmarks.


Can you make a 3D map of Brighton or the area around where you live?


Physical Education - below is a document 'Stay Active at Home Resource' from Brighton and Hove. It includes fun ideas, weblinks and creative ways to keep your child active.

Keep active with Jimmy's PE challenge!

It is important to stay active. Send us any sporting challenges you are doing at home- we would love to see them!