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Happy Easter Year 1

We won't be putting anything on our web page for the next 2 weeks......keep reading, keep counting, keep being kind. We look forward to hearing about what you get up to during the Easter break. ……...

If you are looking for some crafty Easter ideas this website is great-


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Week 2- Home Learning (wb30.03.20)

Hello Year One,

We hope you had a lovely weekend with your families- did you see the snow yesterday?! That was very surprising!

Thank  you for your emails. We were very impressed with all of the creative tasks you have been completing at home- we've seen crafting, cooking, painting, playing and huge amounts of smiling! Well done everyone at home-   Please keep the updates and photographs coming!

(please state in your email if we can share these photos on this page)


**********************Scroll down for new exciting literacy tasks************************

Good evening Year One. I've been trying to upload a story for you all for over a day now, and  my computer has made me feel a little 'fizzy' in the process! It's finally uploaded- so if you wish to hear one of my favourite stories 'My Friend Bear' click on the links below... (sorry it is now in 4 parts) :)

Hi Year 1

I hope you are all having a good week at home. I love coming to our web page and seeing all the wonderful work you are all doing. What a clever, creative bunch you all are:)

Literacy Week 2:

Task 1

This week we'd like you to listen to a new story: Halibut Jackson by David Lucas


After listening to the story, design a suit for Halibut Jackson to wear to one of these places:

  1. Outer Space
  2. A forest
  3. The beach

Now write as many words as you can to describe your outfit. Once you've gathered your describing words, can you put them into sentences? Guess where he would wear my suit to from these sentences:

Halibut Jackson is wearing a suit with green and yellow leaves on it. His hat is made of twigs with a small, brown bird on top of it. His trousers are also brown. 

Task 2

When we go back to school, we are going to have a party to celebrate all being together again.

Can you design an invitation for the party?

Imagine it is going to be the biggest and best party ever!

Think about:


  • where the party will be
  • food and drink 
  • games to play
  • will there be singing and dancing? 


Include all of this information on your invite. I can't wait to see what type of party you plan!



Hello Carmen! How lovely to hear from you all the way from Spain. Carmen has been doing lots of learning: a list of 20 words beginning with C, fabulous counting in fives, a beautiful painting of her Mum  (that looks just like her!) and she's also being learning to fly like a fairy so she can fly her family back safely to Brighton. Thank you Carmen.


Poppy has been doing loads of super learning at home: reading, writing, playing online games and an online ballet class with her sister! Great work Poppy, keep it up!

Calling all Year One inventors! Our first invention has been sent in by Rita...

A Rainbow Making Machine!  Wouldn't it be great to have one of these! Well done Rita, what a fabulous idea.

Here's a video of Rita explaining how it works...………….!






Our second invention is here!

Ava has designed and made a cup holder. Well done Ava, it looks fabulous! Keep them coming in kids...………..


Another super invention by Jasmine. She’s invented a car, which has a tray on top, that elevates up - using a remote control.

This is for the vulnerable, elderly and anybody that is less able to help themselves whilst preparing food.

We're so impressed with her invention. She’s named it The Exhaust - because it exhausts itself.

Here is Jasmine doing a virtual ballet class with her teacher Charlie.

Have you connected with anyone using a phone/computer video this week? Maybe you have posted a card or letter?

Let us know how you are still keeping in touch with those special to you- we would love to hear!

Here is Roddy at home: baking, writing, painting a Pokemon rainbow and having a lunch break with his new friends! So much fun Roddy!

Ola has shared some photos of her home experiences too- She has created an incredible underwater world with her sister and we loved your questions for Orion!

Poppy has created her own fantastic timetable to fill her time at home. We think your sock puppet is very cute Poppy!

Ava emailed us to say her favourite part of the story was when Dark popped into Orion's bedroom- we loved that part too!

Here are a few photographs of Ava's home activities- look at her fantastic family of sock puppets!

Jasmine, your Jamaican patties look delicious!


For your daily phonics this week you could try a game from this site:

Phonics Play - https://new.phonicsplay.co.uk/

Username- march20

Password- home

You may be familiar with these from class! Can you practise your phase 3,4 and 5 sounds?

Design and Technology Task

Click the following link to hear REAL astronaut Kathleen Rubins reading Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty  from SPACE!





After listening to the story-

Can you be like Rosie Revere?  Can you design and/or make your own invention? It may be something that people can use inside whilst they are spending more time in their homes? Or could it be for another purpose?

Remember to consider-

-Who is your invention for?

-What materials will it be made of in the real world?

-How will it work?

-How will you join materials together? 

*Draw your designs onto paper or into your english book. You could use bits from your recycling for the making part.

After seeing your incredible superhero cape designs last term,  we are looking forward to hearing about your inventions this week! Good luck!



Week 2- Counting in fives. 

For our number work this week we will be learning to count in fives.

Can you find natural fives in your home (eg, your hands)?

Can you build five using your toys?

Can you draw five?

Here are some fun activities for you to try this week:

   Sing- https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=counting+in+fives+youtube&docid=608038614210448615&mid=31B4FD36F978862E905231B4FD36F978862E9052&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

Play -https://www.topmarks.co.uk/times-tables/coconut-multiples

Dance- https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Count+by+5+dance&docid=608002038235268118&mid=47219F57D3E456283A9447219F57D3E456283A94&view=detail&FORM=VIRE

Try this challenge- https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button

Your Task this week- Can you create something to support your counting in fives? - Here are a few ideas-




Dear Parents & Carers and all of our lovely Year One children,

We hope you had a lovely weekend.

As you are all aware school has had to close for all of our safety.

 We will be thinking of you all and would love it if you could keep in touch with us via email. You could send us photographs of your home activities and any learning that you have completed and we would love (with your permission) to share this weekly on the webpage.

As you start to spend more time at home you may wish to create a timetable with your special adult. We would suggest daily maths, writing and phonics tasks- plus your daily reading. These do not have to be  long and we will be sharing lots of fun webpages and links on here with additional ideas if you wish to mix up or extend you learning.

Your phonics pack includes one activity per page = one a day.

This webpage will be updated on a Monday and Thursday with new ideas and activities,some of which will be linked to your packs.

Remember to go out with your special adult to get fresh air and exercise. Joe Wicks on You Tube will be doing a LIVE PE session daily at 9am! 

Above all, see this as a great opportunity to read lots of books, write and illustrate  lots of stories, make and solve puzzles, make and play fun board games. This is also a great opportunity to learn new skills like cooking food by following recipes, gardening or growing your own vegetables on your window sill, painting and decorating- the possibilities are endless!

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns or are unsure of anything.

Take care and keep safe.

Best wishes,

Mary-Anne and Karlynn


Contact us on:


Emails will be responded to on a Monday and Thursday within normal school hours. Thank you for your support in this current climate.



Hi Year 1 parents. Here's a great timetable to help structure your week.
Hi Year 1 parents. Here's a great timetable to help structure your week.

Home Learning-Week One

 You may have seen a few pictures, drawings or paintings popping up in windows near where you live. This is a cheerful message uniting children all over the world as they stay at home instead of coming to school-showing that we are all in this together.

Can you create your own rainbow to display in your window at home? And the next time you take a walk to get some exercise you can count how many you can find in the local environment.

Please send us pictures of your rainbow creations!




Thank you for your beautiful Rainbow Ola 

Literacy week 1 (Thursday 25th March)

Please remember all our children are different and we all learn at different paces. Some children will need more help than others with these tasks but the most important thing is to have fun!


This week we will continue with our class text 'Orion and the Dark'. Here's a reminder of the story: 



*******************************Please complete these tasks in your Literacy book*******************************

Task 1 - 

Imagine you met Dark. What would you ask him? I would ask him: What is your favourite food? Can you write down some questions for him? 

Remember to:

  • Say your question out loud and listen to the sounds in the words
  • Use your phonics chart to help you spell words
  • Start your sentence with a CAPITAL letter
  • Use finger spaces between words
  • Use a question mark

Can you make a Dark puppet (or use a toy!) and ask him your questions? You could pretend to answer too


Task 2


Listen to the story again. What's your favourite part? Why do you like that part? Draw a picture of your favourite part. Can you write a sentence telling me why you like it.


My favourite part is when the Dark takes Orion into the night sky. It looks cool and I would love to fly.

Year 1 Challenges

  1. Practice hand writing - capital L and I
  2. Find as many words as you can with the first letter of your name - who will have the longest list??!!

Yay! Phoebe has found and written 38 words beginning with P - Brilliant word hunting :) 

Look at Phoebe's fabulous carrot puppet!
Look at Phoebe's fabulous carrot puppet!
Well Done Jasmine for completing Task 1    Please keep emailing pictures of all your home school fun!
Well Done Jasmine for completing Task 1 Please keep emailing pictures of all your home school fun!

Maths Learning- Week 1 (wb 23.03.20)

This week I'd like to you explore counting in twos. First look for 'natural pairs' in the environment eg, shoes, socks, eyes, wings. You could arrange these objects in a line an count in groups of two. Remember you are 'skip counting' (missing a number as you count in twos)- you could use the hundred square at the front of your maths book to support you.

What else can you find to count in twos?These do not always have to be natural pairs.

When confident, try one of the 2s worksheets in your Maths Workbook. 


Parents- the worksheets are 'starred' at the bottom. Start with the sheet marked with one star. Not all of the sheets need to be completed.

Here are some useful websites that can support you with your counting in 2s this week.

(Any additional learning can be recorded in your green maths book.)


Rachal Rocket game-


Below is a Powerpoint that can be used to support you. 


Have fun!

Keeping a healthy body and mind is really important so I’ve included a few links below that you could use at home to keep active.







Phonics Meeting

Thank you to all the parents who came to Vicky's meeting about phonics today. Here is a link to the slides if you weren't able to make it.