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We love seeing all of your photos so please keep sending them to us, if you are happy for us to put them on the website please make this clear, thank-you everyone.

Please note that from 8th June home learning and communication will be shared through the Class Dojo app. If you have not received your personalised login for this by 8th June, please contact the school office, thank-you.

Week beginning 8th June

Hello everyone, we hope you have managed to have a good week despite some disturbing things going on in the world. At school we would be talking with the children about discrimination by sharing books and videos with this theme. Below are some recommendations. I know some of you are already having this conversation with your child, if you have any recommendations please share on ClassDojo. I have also posted this on ClassDojo, but the video links do not seem to work. 

The same and different .

Watch these videos and have a discussion with your child about how we can accept and celebrate each other's differences. We have done a lot of work on this already so I am sure they will have plenty to say. We would like to celebrate their thoughts by sharing pictures and/or a message from you about what they said.


(It's okay to be different)


(Same difference)

Wow Reception you are a busy bunch!

Happy Birthday to Jessica who was 5 on 29th May, we hope you had a lovely day .

Week Beginning 1st June


Hello everybody! I hope you are all having a good week and that you had a lovely half term. I know that some of you did as I was lucky enough to see you out and about – happy, chatty and having fun!

Now that we are in the final half-term of Reception (how did that happen!) it might be useful to know what the Early Years Curriculum Early Learning Goal is for ‘Number’ at the end of Reception:

Children count reliably with numbers from one to 20, place them in order and say which number is one more or one less than a given number.

Using quantities and objects, they add and subtract two single-digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer.

They solve problems, including doubling, halving and sharing.

Not all children will be able to do all of these things and of course that is fine, going forward they will be supported at their own ability. Some children will be working beyond this statement.

Using this statement you could practise what you feel your child needs the most. The topmarks website is great -  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/problem-solving as it has lots of different categories at the top of specific area of Maths learning your child could practise.

An area we haven’t explored together yet is sharing! It is likely something you are doing naturally every day at home – for example sharing food, setting up a board game and making a situation ‘fair’.

At home you could set up a tea party with your toys and share out food and drinks – make it fair! You could lay the table, deal cards in snap, share your toys when playing. When sharing we are creating equal groups. To do this children could use the language ‘one for you one for me’ and check by counting to see that it is fair. Children might notice that when sharing an amount between two equally it is the same as ‘halving’.

Practise sharing with Numberblocks



Practise sharing with Curious George


If you feel your child is comfortably doing everything in the Early Learning Goal statement then counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and solving problems using these groupings is considered an 'exceeding' statement and your child’s next step could be having a go at activities linked to this statement.

Count in 2s with the Numberjacks


You could complete some of these counting in 2s/10s sheets from twinkl



Here are some problems you could have a go at solving for doubling, halving and sharing.

Hello everyone, we hope you had a good half term and got out into the sunshine a little bit. We would love to see some of the things you got up to. I have just returned from an early morning swim in the sea, it was cold, but invigorating, have you been in the sea for a paddle or swim?

Don't forget if you have a query or just need to contact someone, we are here to help - if we possibly can. 

For this half term our literacy will take us travelling to India and Africa. This week we will read an old tale from India called "The Cracked Water Pot", you can read it and/or watch the video of it being read.

To watch the video click on this link: https://youtu.be/R2x_72OhDqY

After hearing the story here are some things to discuss:

  • Why do you think the man needed water pots?
  • Why don't we use them today in Brighton?
  • What are flaws or faults , can you think of anythings that annoy you about people , for example I find it annoying when my children leave their dirty cups in their rooms.
  • Now can you think of something positive about the same people, for example, although they don't wash up their cups my children do make me laugh because they tell me it's the cat that left their cups upstairs!
  • If you were the man in the story what seeds would you plant and why? I think I would plant poppies , so that the pathway was bright red.

Here are some ideas for your writing this week, you can choose one or two or do all three!!!

  1.  Explain in a sentence why we do not need water pots  and illustrate your writing. 
  2. Write a sentence about what seeds you would plant on the path and why, draw a picture to show how it would look.
  3. Write about something that annoys you and then something that you like, you could write about yourself or someone else ( have a look at my example about my children), draw the person you wrote about.

Have a go at spelling the words using your phonics and the tricky words you know. Also remember finger spaces and try to keep your writing neat so that we can read it. There is so much to think about when writing, but always remember it is okay to make a mistake, because that is how we learn.

Good luck everyone, we are looking forward to seeing these. 


Remember to keep revising your phonics and learning those tricky words - look back to our Spring page for more phonic and handwriting ideas.

Please find below the literacy for the next few weeks, you may wish to buy "Lila and the secret of rain" for next week? Other books we will be looking at are "The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch" and "The Snail and the Whale".

Your Rainbow Fish work has been particularly impressive. Have a look at the Fish Gallery , if you haven't got a fish in there yet it is not too late, create a beauty and e mail it to us. The writing has also been inventive, some of your work really made me smile, for example, Scarlett wrote that, "She is as happy as mister tortoise in the sun", Xica wrote, " I am as happy as cheetah running through the field" ,and Penny wrote, "I am as happy as a shooting star". Such imaginative writing well done. Some of you may also like to think about writing a sentence starting , "I am as happy as........" for your writing task this week, or you may prefer one of the ideas below?

Fishy Facts  is the name of this week's writing ideas!

First of all watch this video about fish:     https://youtu.be/u_Xv5BRnflA     

After watching it see if you can answer these questions, watch it again if you like:

  • Where do fish live?
  • How do they use their gills?
  • What helps them swim really well?
  • Where were some of the fish in the video hiding?
  • Which of the colourful fish do you like the best?
  • What do some fish use their teeth for?
  • What are huge groups of fish called?


Now it is time to go on a school trip (virtual trip) to the Sea Life Centre in Brighton, very close to our school, follow this link:   https://youtu.be/fMdfVMSnN6I?t=35    

Here are 2 writing ideas for you:

  1. Write a Fish Fact page, or make it into a booklet if you prefer. Use all the facts you learnt from the videos and add anything else you find out. 
  2. Pretend you went on a trip to the Sea Life Centre today and write a report about it, what did you like best? You could even make us a video about it !

A couple of fun art ideas (remember to also have a look at the art document from last week where there are lots of recommended websites ).

As the weather is sunny I thought this would be fun to try. You could use any of your toys, or you could use different sized boxes to make a city scape. Have fun and please share your creations.

Week Beginning 11th May

Hello Reception, I hope you are having a good week. It’s been a bit chillier this week hasn’t it. Brrrr! This week for Maths I would like you to do some activities around these statements about number:

 *Place them (no. 1-20)  in order and say which is one more /less than a given number.

*Using quantities and objects they add and subtract single digit numbers and count on or back to find the answer.

 A fun way to do this could be to a little Maths challenge every day – such as a Maths quiz or ‘beat mum/dad/brother/sister’ and see who gets the most points (the children love playing ‘beat the teacher’ at school!) It could be mental maths where you ask a question such as “what is one more than 13?” or “what is 10+2?” and your child works out the answer mentally or practical maths using objects or resources such as their number line or 100 square to work out the answer to your question. Your child could have a go at recording their answers too.

 Your child could also make their own Numicon to support them. Click the picture below to be taken to Twinkl to either print out Numicon shapes to cut out  or to copy and draw/paint your own! Keep the colours consistant if possible.

Here’s a fun game to practise addition and subtraction:

I know that some children have been really enjoying and experiencing real success with Carol Vorderman’s daily maths challenge which is free to sign up for if you click on the picture below.

Please do send photos of any Maths activity that your child enjoys and also please get in touch if you have any questions at all about any of the activities or your child’s engagement with Maths. Love Rachel. xx

Hello everyone, THANK-YOU all so much for the video you sent us , it is SO special, I loved seeing you all looking happy at home. You are a fabulous class, parents and children, we miss you ! xxxxxx

This week we are going to do some work related to the story of 'The Rainbow Fish' , I know some of you already know the story, it is one of Penny''s favourites . Follow this link to hear it being read: https://youtu.be/QFORvXhub28

Here are a few ideas to discuss with your parent teacher :

  • Why was the Rainbow Fish sad at the beginning?
  • What did the Octopus tell him to do?
  • How was he feeling at the end?
  • What made him happy?
  • If you were a beautiful fish with scales would you share them with your friends? 

Some writing ideas (choose your favourite or do all 3 ! ) :

  1. Write a sentence about what made Rainbow Fish happy at the end, you could begin your sentence "Rainbow Fish was happy because............." 
  2. Think about who you would give a scale to first if you were Rainbow Fish and tell us in a whole sentence, you could begin ," If I was Rainbow Fish I would......".
  3. Think about the language at the end "he was as happy as a splash". If you were feeling happy what would you be as happy as ? Try to think about what makes you happy and use that. For example my cats make me happy so I might write , "I am as happy as  2 purring cats ".

Please illustrate your writing and we would love to see them. Thank-you and happy writing - remember don't worry about mistakes, we should make them when we are learning. 

You may like to write on this paper if you can print it, or choose some paper of your own.

Perhaps you can cut scales out of paper or materials to make your own Rainbow Fish, you could use foil or other shiny paper to make his shiny scales. We can add your fish to our Fish Gallery so please e mail them to us.

Here are some art ideas for all ages, click on the links until you find something that inspires you. Have a go at the online class on 21st May and be a Record Breaker - have fun!

Some of you may enjoy keeping a log of all the exercise you are doing.

Week Beginning 4th May


Hello everyone. I hope you are having a good week – my week got a million times better when I watched the gorgeous video you made for us this morning. It made me cry happy tears and I watched it with a big smile on my face. Thank you for being so kind and thinking of us. We miss you so much. What a lovely class we have! Love Rachel. x

This week I thought you could go on a 3D shape hunt! To remind yourself of the 3D shapes we learn in Reception you can watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guNdJ5MtX1A

Searching in your homes or outside, look for 3D shapes (e.g. a cereal box is a cuboid, a ball a sphere). Remind your child that compared to 2D ‘flat’ shapes, a 3D shape is solid. Sometimes we call them fat shapes. 3D shapes have faces, edges and vertices  (corners). Their faces might be curved or flat and made up of different 2D shapes. Encourage your child to think of the properties of the 3D shapes they find and pose questions – why do you think a food can is a cylinder shape? Why is a ball a sphere shape? Which 2D shape are the faces on a cube?

 Children can record their findings however they like or use the template below. Perhaps they could do some junk modelling with what they find.

 Happy 3D shape hunting!

Click on the picture below to practise your number ordering. If you find this one too easy go to menu and select 1-100 for a challenge.

Obstacle course

Can you build an obstacle course in your home or garden, if you have one. Look at Xica go – wow!. Find different, safe, ways to move around your course. Can you be timed to see how quickly you can complete it? Then try and beat that time!


We hope you had a good weekend at home, it is beginning to feel like a long time has passed since we were all at school together, so well done for all the clever things you are doing at home, we are proud of you all.

As you may have remembered this weekend would have been the opening of Brighton Festival and lots of you would have been in the children's parade, please find Samesky's link to the youtube video they made of children taking part at home.

As well as the parade on Saturday it was Olive's 5th birthday, we hope you had a very happy day Olive, here is a message for you:

This week we will be looking at the story ' Hooray For Fish' , you can hear it being read by following this link:


After reading this book I am hoping you will all have a go at inventing your own fish this week. We can then collect them all together to make our own fish gallery. Think carefully about how you can decorate your fish and what you will call it, for example you could make a fish shape with lots of hair ( a bit like the one in the book), and call it 'Hairy Fish' . I have tried painting a couple, here they are:

We are looking forward to seeing your creations and adding them to our gallery.

Fish Gallery

Don't forget to have a go at this Art Challenge

- can you make a torn paper under water picture similar to this one, created by the talented artist Xica?

Vicky has added a phonics link and a story for you all - thank-you Vicky .

Follow the link below for free daily phonics lessons. Set 1 covers individual letter sounds. Set 2 teaches letter digraphs (where 2 letters make a sound):



PURPLE MASHParents if you login to  : https://www.purplemash.com it is free and has lots of useful activities , there is also MINI MASH for the younger children that you may find useful. To log in you select the trial button and this then updates to an extended trail of 60 days - let us know if you find it useful.

Find the goldfish bowl on Purple Mash and use the paint programme to fill it with colourful fish, this will challenge your co-ordination, computer skills and creativity, have fun!

You can watch Vicky reading 'A Piece of cake' by Jill Murphy here:

Home Learning week beginning 27/4/20

Hello everyone! I hope you are having a good week. The weather must have heard that we were learning about water as it has sent us some rain! I wonder if anyone has been for a rainy walk or has splashed in some puddles? I’ve noticed that lots of the trees, plants and flowers are looking very happy since it rained and some of the flowers smell better than ever.

 Thank you so much for the book reviews that you have sent us so far – the books you have spoken, written and drawn about sound brilliant and I’m so excited to share them with Sidney. I have added them to the website a bit further down the page for your friends to see too. Thank you for all the updates and photographs of your home activities. Meg and I are SO impressed with everything that we are seeing and hearing about. It seems that lots of children are thinking about what they are curious about and enjoy doing, following their own interests in their learning and this is lovely to see. 

This week for Maths I thought it would be fun to go on a number hunt! We love to do them in the classroom and I thought it would be even more fun to do one at home or out and about on your daily walk. To warm up your number heads you could play number tennis with someone in your family – starting with 1 ‘hit’ a number to the other person and they will ‘hit’ you back the next one, taking it in turns to count as high as you can!

 Using the number hunt template (tick off numbers as you find them) or 100 square (colour in numbers) below or simply recording on a piece of paper get ready for your number hunt! You can do this in your home, or outside or both! Look for door numbers, numbers on car registrations, numbers on clocks/remotes/food packages for example. In Reception we usually focus on numbers 1-20 and becoming really confident with using these numbers but it is great to expose children to numbers beyond these. If you child can’t name a number you could tell them what it is or work it out together.

 At the end of the hunt you could do a number quiz using your child’s number hunt results, posing questions such as:

  • What is the biggest/smallest number you found?
  • What number is one more/one less than ___ ?
  • What number is 5+2? 6-1?
  • What number is double 3?

 Perhaps your child can do a number quiz for family members! Happy number hunting!

For further Maths fun this website has some great games such as this one where you have to put the numbers in the right order. There are also simple addition and subtraction games too on the ‘Maths’ section - https://www.sheppardsoftware.com/mathgames/earlymath/BalloonCount20.htm

27th April

Hello everyone, we hope you had a good weekend and managed to get out into the sunshine for some of it?

The pictures of you working at home are fabulous, please keep them coming.

This week we have many WATER themed activities for you to try. 

Please do not worry if you don't do all of the the activities, these are suggestions. Most importantly try to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere , if you are worried or have a question please email us.

Parents if you login to PURPLE MASH : https://www.purplemash.com it is free and has lots of useful activities , there is also MINI MASH for the younger children that you may find useful. To log in you select the trial button and this then it updates to an extended trail of 60 days - let us know if you find it useful.



When you have logged into Purple Mash you can find this video which shows you how water is used around the home.

The children can then fill in this form on the computer or iPad, they can either draw the pictures (tricky) or select ones from the programme, as you can see below. This can be saved or printed if you wish.

Your literacy challenge this week is to make a booklet about how we use water. If you like  Purple Mash you can use it to make your booklet as I have started to do below, or you may prefer to make your own. Which ever you choose to do we love to see photos of them. I suggest you do a little each day, especially if you are writing it by hand. 

Thank-you for all the robot ideas.  Xica has named him Robby. Look how happy you have made him Xica! He has  a sock puppet on his left hand can you see it?

If you can find an odd sock you could make a puppet too, you can use material or buttons for eyes and wool for hair, add a tongue if you like. You can glue of sew the hair and eyes on to your sock. We look forward to seeing a few creations.

Water Experiments: 

Water and pepper video :https://youtu.be/ho0o7H6dXSU?t=42 (you could try this at home)

10 water experiments to watch:https://youtu.be/CCxbI1qRsWY  (watch only)

Frog Dance : 


One of the things I am missing the most is watching you all dancing. Have a look at this brilliant frog dance, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I first saw it. Please don't try it at home as we don't want any injuries, these are professional dancers with years of experience.

However, if you can find a piece of music you like you could move and dance like a frog, we would love to see them , if you are brave enough to share them?

Next week we will suggesting activities linked to this text "Hooray for Fish" by Lucy Cousins.

We hope you enjoy the story.

More stories for you  - 

300 free Collins Big Cat ebooks for children:


 We hope these might be useful.

 Home Learning week beginning 20/4/20 

Hello Reception, I hope that you all had a nice Easter break with your families and have been enjoying the lovely sunshine. I hope that you enjoyed the video that the staff made as much as we have enjoyed receiving your videos and photos. Keep them coming! As Meg said we really are all missing you and can’t wait until we can see you again! Rachel. xx


This week for your Maths activity I’d like you to put your number heads on and investigate halving. You could begin by watching ‘Give me half’ by following this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVaxiJB6Fls. When we halve we have “1 whole shared into 2 equal parts”. Equal means the same. Explore different examples of halves at snack/ mealtimes and during play for example halving an apple/ banana/ breadstick/ rice cake/ pitta bread. With liquid can your child fill or empty a bottle/glass by half? Once your child understands the concept you can explore halving a group of objects for example “you have 10 orange segments, can you give me half.” Remind children that there should be two equal groups. You could link this to sharing between two people/toys using the language of “one for you, one for me” – would it be fair if somebody got more/less? Getting an equal part is fair.


You could encourage children to find halves of:

 Shapes – drawing and cutting out shapes and drawing lines on them or folding in half

Lengths – folding or cutting ribbons/string/strips of paper

Weights – breaking a ball of playdough in half and checking each half’s weight on scales

Capacity – pouring water into two identical containers

Numbers of items – pebbles, sticks, leaves, pennies, jewels, shells 


Happy halving Reception!


 Oxford Owl (https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/maths/maths-skills-ages-4-5/) has some useful free links such as number formation videos and addition and subtraction games as well as some other ideas of things you can do with your child to support their Maths development. As ever, if you have any questions at all about your child’s learning please get in touch with us. Every child is different and learns at their own pace. If you feel that your child is needing more challenge with their Maths learning you could explore the BBC bitesize activities which begin at Yr.1: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zjpqqp3/year-1-lessons/1.

If you would like to do a book review you could use the template below to draw and write about your favourite book or record a video to tell us about it. Remember to include why you like this book so much - is it funny/exciting/rhyming/scary? It can be a book that you can read yourself or a book that a grown up reads to you. Why would you recommend it? Are there any other books by the same author that you like too?

Reception’s Book Reviews

Hello everyone and welcome back after the Easter break. I hope you did some fun activities with your families and managed to eat a bit of chocolate too? I also hope you have seen the video the Middle Street staff have made for you, we really hope you enjoy it.

Our learning journey for the Summer Term is called " Splish, Splash , Splosh" and as you will have guessed is all about WATER !

Below is the Learning Journey booklet we would be sending out to parents, I have edited the bits we will no longer be able to do, but I am hoping some of the ideas and books will inspire you.

Stay safe and well everyone , we miss you SO much, Love Meg x

https://youtu.be/S2inU2XefBg?t=11       Use this link to watch a simple water experiment you can try at home - have fun !

Below are some ideas for weekly tasks, try to keep activities light hearted and fun, we are all a bit anxious at the moment and most importantly the children need to feel loved and safe. Please don't feel like you have failed if an activity doesn't go well - just do something else!


As the teachers are now trying to write reports on the children's learning in school, we are hoping you can help. Please ask your child to think about their time in school then to write a sentence or 2 about what they liked doing best, Children remember to use your phonic knowledge when spelling words and finger spaces between words. Parents, please elaborate if details are left out or the writing is too much for your child. We would really appreciate it if you could e mail these to us once completed. THANK-YOU


  • Please look back over phase 2 or phase 3 phonics (depending on which your child is working on). Check your child's knowledge by going through the sound mat and ticking the sounds known. Then concentrate each week on 3 or 4 sounds your child is unsure of. 
  • Go to phonics play and play a couple of games related to the sounds you are learning: Https://phonicsplay.co.uk       
  • Make lists of words with the sounds in, adult can write as your child calls out ideas.
  • Go for a word hunt (adult to place words with the sounds in around the house) and your child hunts for them and then sorts them by sound.
  • Read regularly and look for the sounds you are working on in the reading books.


Please continue reading with your child and cutting up sentences to stick in the large yellow books - I expect some of you have finished these by now?

But also, enjoy lots of stories together here are a couple of useful websites:

Video books to read together:

Go to "Big Little Book Corner - World book Day "

Here you can read some Julia Donaldson and Roy Campbell books together.

Stories :

Go to " Storytime Online- World Book Day "

Here you can hear all sorts of stories being read, from "Dr. Seuss on the Loose" to "Tales from Winnie the Pooh."

On Facebook you can join "Story bees" - Maddy used to be a teacher at Middle Street.


Try out this idea for painting tulips:

To make your tulip artwork
  1. Pour small drops of each of the paint colours onto a large flat plate or several smaller plates or saucers. ... 
  2. Dip the back of a fork into one of the paint colours. ... 
  3. Press the back of the fork onto the paper or card to make the tulip petals. ... 
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 using different coloured paints.


Have any of you had any success with growing your scraps ?

I have found the leeks and lettuce grow quite easily, but I have had no luck with the carrot tops. Let us know what you are growing and please send a picture too.