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 Keeping a healthy body and mind is really important so here are a few links below that you could use at home to keep active.






Home Learning Week Two 30/3/20

We have loved receiving your photographs showing what you have been upto at home - keep them coming! (with permission to upload if you are happy for them to be on the website.)

Hello everyone, here is a video I made for you, it is very silly and a bit embarrassing (for me), but I hope it makes you smile!

We won't be posting on here for a while, so have a good Easter break! Lots of love Meg x

Thursday 2nd April

Hello everyone! Meg and I have loved hearing from some of you over the last few days. If you send us photographs please let us know if you are happy for them to be shared on the website. 

Meg and I are aware that at times your children will undoubtedly feel frustrated and upset at the situation that we are in. They are dealing with a big adjustment and their life as they knew it has completely changed. Of course you know how to comfort your child best but it might be helpful to know ways that we support children with their emotions at school. In Reception we place a big emphasis on learning about and recognising our own and other’s feelings. When we notice children are struggling in class we might try and articulate for them how they are feeling and also allow them to feel the feelings they are feeling. We talk about our own feelings in simple terms so they know we can relate to them and them to us and we let children know that they are safe at school with us.

We also follow the ‘Just Right Programme’ which  is built round a scaling system, with four colour 'zones' to help children understand and communicate the emotions they are experiencing and how they can go about positively managing them. The four colour zones are:

red is 'crisis' - unable to cope, angry, wanting to run away, shutting down from the outside world // orange is 'fizzy' - bubbling, not calm, anxious //green is 'just right' - calm, alert and focused // blue is 'floppy or fidgety' - tired, bored, not alert, possibly feeling ill 

We might talk about feeling ‘’orange’ or ‘blue’ and we all agree that feeling ‘green’ is best when we want to learn.

 Here are a couple of links which explain coronavirus in a child friendly way:



Any questions remember you can always email us. Love Rachel. x

Click on the picture below for some mindfulness exercises


Double Trouble

In Maths today I’d like your children to investigate doubles! They will need to put their number heads on as they will be counting.

Watch this number blocks episode to introduce the concept (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bot83VxMLqM&t=1s)  or you could use your child’s toys to act out a story of someone having double trouble looking after their two cheeky toys – they won’t do as they’re told. They then get given two more to look after – now they have four and they have ‘double trouble’. What about if they had three toys – how many would be double trouble? Ask the children to model doubling numbers up to five on their fingers alongside the number blocks episode/story telling.  

 Then challenge children to make ‘double’ numbers using household items in two columns or find doubles in the environment e.g. a pair of socks, dominoes, egg cartons, wheels on toys, body parts etc. Children can photograph the doubles they find, draw patterns for ‘doubles’ or record their doubles as a number sentence e.g. 2+2 = 4 (although the language we would use is “two twos is 4” or “double two is four.”)

 Happy doubling and remember we would love to see any photographs of your learning :) 

Being a ‘bucket filler’

Click on the bucket to hear the story.

I love the idea that we all carry around an invisible bucket. I have been thinking about what fills my bucket – when my little boy makes me laugh by doing a silly dance, drinking a cup of tea, thinking of mine and Meg’s lovely Reception class! Have a think about what fills your bucket and what you can do to fill someone in your family’s bucket. Perhaps you can draw a bucket and draw things inside it that would fill yours or someone in your family’s bucket. It’s quite tricky having to stay at home with your family all the time so it might help if you all work as a team to try to keep each other’s buckets full!

I love this den, as a class of fabulous den builders I thought you would too.

Have you built any dens at home yet?

Monday 30th March

Hello to all the Reception families, we hope you had good weekends, did it snow in Brighton? 

We would really like to hear how you are getting on at home so PLEASE write a quick e mail.

We will only post photos on here with parental permission and NO children's names will be used.

This week we have some handwriting , music and creative ideas. 

Have fun and stay safe,

Meg and Rachel xx

Introducing our class robot, can you spot the cuboids and cylinders he or she is made from?

There are lots of things missing too ! Let us know what we should add next, please e mail any ideas. 

You may like to have a go at building your own robot or other model ? We seem to have a lot of boxes as our recycling has not been collected.

What should we name our robot?

Home Learning Week One 23/3/20

Monday 23rd March

To the wonderful Reception children and parents,

We hope you are all okay and staying active and positive in these strange times. Please let us know what is going well at home.  We will be thinking of you all and would love it if you could send us photographs of your home activities and any learning that you have completed and we'd really like (with your permission) to share this weekly on the webpage. Also, if you have a problem we will try to help, please e mail us. We will post activities for you on Mondays and Thursdays and also reply to any e mails on these days. Let us know how the activities are going and if you can recommend websites for others.

Keep connected, 

 best wishes,

from Meg and Rachel xx

Hello everyone, Rachel here. I hope that you have had a nice week so far at home with your families and are enjoying the lovely Spring sunshine. My little boy and I have been doing lots of baking, playing, dancing, singing and playing with water outside - it's a bit like being at school really! Here is a Maths activity for you to have a go at - it reminds me of our pom poms in the jar. You will need your number heads on. Have fun!

As your child will be using their fine motor skills collecting and counting small objects, here is a link with lots more fine motor activities you could have a go at at home. 


Some other links you could explore are:

Numberblock 15 (we have been focussing on teen numbers recently) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8g4N6aSTYy4

Rainbow Breathing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O29e4rRMrV4  

Explore museums online -https://artsandculture.google.com/project/streetviews

 Typing game - https://www.typing.com/student/game/type-a-balloon

Oliver Jeffers reading storieshttps://www.oliverjeffers.com/abookaday/

Celebrities reading stories -https://www.storylineonline.net/

GROWING: Have you started growing any scraps yet ? Look at "food revolution.org" there are 19 different food scraps you can grow in water. I have tried it, as yet there are no green shoots, but I am still hoping and waiting patiently. One day it may look like the photo above!

If you have successfully grown something please e mail a photo to share here. 

Yoga for the class - Tuesdays at 11am and Thursdays  at 3pm -my friend Bryony is taking the class on her Facebook page  - YogaBeez Children's Yoga Facebook page , try it and let me know what you think, Meg. 

Have a look at the writing activity below, we look forward to seeing some of your work soon!

Look at "tricky Word Song - YouTube" to learn the tricky words.

We LOVE playing tricky word BINGO in Reception! You or your child can draw a 4/6/8 grid and in each box write a tricky word from the list above. Then say a tricky word - if your child has it on their list they can cross it out! When they have crossed them all out shout “Bingo!” and do a celebratory dance!

Https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk - Phonics Play is a great online resource which is now free for all to use - login details at the top of the web page. Your child will be familiar with the flash cards speed trial and tricky word trucks and games such as buried treasure. There are lots more to explore too!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x49aTZM_OOE - Learn the names of the different letters of the alphabet (not just their sounds!) with the Alphablocks. We tap our head to say the name of the letter and pull our ear to say the sound it makes e.g. "It's name is S (tap head) and it makes the sound sssss (pull ear)".





https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/5-7-years/counting - Topmarks has lots of Maths games linked to number and counting.

Our first learning Journey is 'On the Move' this term. 

We will be asking the children about journeys they have made. We will also be learning about maps and will design bus routes around Brighton.

Our second learning journey is "Growing"

We will be talking about how plants grow. We will also plant our own bulbs and seeds in our garden and watch them grow over time. We will be learning about eating a healthy diet and taste some of these vegetables!

One of our texts will be 'Supertato' and a crime scene in the classroom will introduce the work we do ........look out for the evil pea!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar story will involve us in learning about the life cycle of a butterfly,  the days of the week and writing our own zigzag books.

Please keep reading at home and cutting up sentences to stick in the yellow books.

We are about to finish Phase 3 phonics, so make sure your child is confident with Phase 2 and 3 phonics , use the Jolly phonic songs to help you at home if your child is unsure of some of them, thank-you.