A virtual tour of our school


The main entrance to Middle Street School is on Boyce's street, although you may be asked to enter the school from the Middle Street gate when dropping off or picking up your children.

If you turn right and walk all the way down the corridor you will reach the Reception Class.

From the classroom you can go outside to a covered area where the children have a variety of outside activities to enjoy.

The library can also be found next to the reception classroom.

As you leave reception there is a door to outside. This will lead you on to the main playground.

The hall can be accessed from the playground. This is where we have our P.E lessons and many classes eat lunch.

There is a door from the hall to the studio. The studio can also be accessed via a gate on Middle Street. Breakfast Club and After School Club take place in the studio. Reception class also eat their lunch here.

Go back through the hall and there is a door leading to a corridor. Off this corridor there are two offices. The first we call 'The back Office', which is used for group work. The second is The School Office where all the administration for the school takes place.

This is The Family Room which can be found opposite the School Office. This room is used for activities for small groups of children e.g. cooking.

Year One and Two also have their classrooms on the ground floor. There is a shared area outside the classrooms with a book corner and art area.

If you take the stairs next to the main entrance you will find the Staff Room followed by the Year 5 and 6 classrooms.

Further along the corridor you will find the Year 3 and 4 classrooms. This is Year 4. All the classrooms are light with colourful displays . Each classroom has a designated work area outside the main classroom.