Middle Street Primary School

This week's Star of the Week is...            THANYA


Questions about Antarctica and Ernest Shackleton.


Our new learning journey is CIVILISATIONS!


Every Friday, each child is given five spellings to learn over the weekend.  All spelling books should be back in school by the following Friday morning.  If every child brings their spelling book in on time, the class receive a class reward.


Please ensure that your child is reading and practicing times tables every evening.  Children will do Times Table Superheroes tests every week.  Remember practice makes perfect!  I recommend this site (https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/hit-the-button).  The document attached under the Times Tables Superheroes page( Tables Practice) includes some activities for Year 5 too.  Go to http://www.transum.org/Software/SW/Starter_of_the_day/ for problem questions.  There are also some great live lessons on the link below:

Primary Live Lessons


Long multiplication


This term the children will be learning cricket and athletics.  Children must bring their complete PE kit every Tuesday and Thursday.  




should have  should've

where would  where'd

could not  couldn't

they have  they've

they are  they're


Should you wish to talk to me, please contact the office to arrange a meeting with me.


Scroll down the page to see what we have been doing this term.


We have been looking at maps of Antarctica and learning about contour lines and grid references.  We can't believe there are mountains in Antarctica!  Also, we found out that Antarctica is the world's largest desert!

Jav-El's portrait of Year 5 children.
Jav-El's portrait of Year 5 children.
We've been preparing for our class assembly on 21st June!
We've been preparing for our class assembly on 21st June!
Like any adventurer, we learned First Aid today!
Like any adventurer, we learned First Aid today!

Joshua's presentation about maps!

Check out Noor's rap!

 We met the author Onjali Q. Rauf, who wrote our shared book Boy at the Back of the Class.  She told us about her experiences meeting refugees in camps in Calais, and she named famous refugees like Einstein and Mo Farah.  Afterwards, we visited the Pavilion Gardens to enjoy the sunshine.

Here we are writing stories about the Maya!  Some of us rewrote their creation story, whilst others imagined being descendants of the Maya Civilisation!

Well done to our Eco Warriors for working so hard at our SMILE event!  Well done to our Year 5 group who encouraged drivers not to idle around our school.  Walk to School week was a great success!  

We made headdresses like the Maya!
We made headdresses like the Maya!