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  This week it is Eleanor- Sleepover Congratulations!  

Welcome to Year 3's Class Page!

   Happy new year to everyone!   


Welcome back to a new term and a new learning journey which this term is Marvelous Machines!

More information will follow as we embark on this exciting journey together.


Just as last term, PE will be on Tuesday and a Friday, so please ensure the children have a full PE kit for these sessions. This term in our Tuesday sessions we will be learning a dance for our Let's Dance performance at The Dome and during our Friday session we will be playing invasion games. More information about Let's Dance will follow. 

Again, as last term, the children will bring home 5 spelling words on a Friday to learn over the weekend and return by the following Wednesday. There is a list of activities either in the front or back of the orange spelling books and we recommend that the children have a go at at least three different ones. The pyramid activity is always very popular as is the rainbow writing one. It would also be helpful to read daily and practise times tables at home too. 


If you have any concerns or wish to talk to me about your child's progress, please come and see me. I will be in the playground at the end of the day.


Please scroll down to find out what we have been up to!

 Week 7


This week we started making our stages for the puppet shows. We had to make a design first and then we got our cereal boxes and cut out the back and the front. This made a stage. Then we painted them. Next time we are going to finish our stages and begin making the puppets.

In English this week we have been writing newspaper reports about the EPIC battle between the space monster and the Iron Man. We needed to have an eye witness report and use direct speech. We also had to name our newspaper and give it a catchy headline. 

We have been learning about the eight times table in Maths. We have learned that it is double the four times table and the four times table is double the two times table - what a great trick! 


Our performance for Let's Dance is coming on really well. We have been practising in groups and altogether as well. All of the adults that have seen the performance have been super impressed. We are all enjoying working together to perfect the routine.


As it is half term, there will be no spelling homework this week. Enjoy the rest and hopefully the sunshine too!

Week 6

This week in English we have finished our letters to the farmers. We now know how they stop the Iron Man from eating the machinery. We also met the Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon and learned about their big battle. Next week we are going to write newspaper reports. To help us with this, we were lucky enough to meet the Iron Man and interview him (some of us thought he might be Elliot, because he had the same jumper on!)

We started a DT project this week. We are making a shadow puppet theatre and putting on a show for Year 2 and maybe Year 4 too. We have planned to do a scene from the Iron Man and have designed the characters we need. Next week we will design the theatre and start to build it with our Learning Partners. 

We have been working really hard on our performance for Let's Dance. Sam has been working with us in small groups to help us perfect the dance. We will have our first go altogether on Tuesday next week.


In Maths this week we have been looking at multiplying and dividing by 4. We have worked with with our Learning Partners to solve problems and we learned a new word - product. Please ask us to explain it!


Our spellings for this week are:







Practising the 4 times table this week would also be really helpful!



Week 4

We have learned about an artist this week called Alberto Giacometti, a famous (and dead) sculptor. We sketched images in his style and then we made our own sculptures from tin foil. Once we had finished them, we used a torch to cast a show and then drew around it. They look amazing! Next week we will have another go at making them, but this time we will use clay.

In Maths this week we learned about multiplying and dividing by 3. We looked at grouping and repeated addition and then used all that we knew to answer some problems.


We have begun to look at different types of letters in our English lessons. We learned that differences and the common features, like having an address and starting with 'Dear'. We are going to write our own letters next week as if we were the farmers from The Iron Man book.


We were able to link our Science with the artwork that we have produced, as we looked at light and shadows. We now know that there are man made and natural light sources and we looked at reflection. 


It has been a week of dance for us, as we started to learn our routine for the Let's Dance performance. A letter explaining how to get tickets will come out on Monday. The date for our performance is Thursday 14th of March. We are all very excited!

As well as Let's Dance, the whole school took part in a sponsored dancethon for the NSPCC. We danced every hour on the hour and really enjoyed it. There's a video below of our first dance at 9 o'clock.

Our Spellings for this week are:






Please bring them back in for Wednesday.

Week 2

On Monday morning we went down to the hall with Year 4 to look at the scattered parts of something strange and metallic that had appeared. 

We thought about what it could be, talked to each other about what we had found and then drew our ideas - they were fantastic!

We think that they were parts of The Iron Man as that is our new book in English. Once we had read a bit of it, we drew what we thought he looked like and wrote down some questions we would like to ask about him.

We already know that a boy has seen him, but we don't what will happen next...watch this space!

In Maths, we have learned how to do column addition this week and were really good at it. We know that place value is really important and that we have to write only 1 digit in each square, otherwise the place value is wrong and we can't add up the columns correctly!


We have produced lots of great art work this week, linked to our new book. We used tissue paper to make sunsets and then compared them with ones that we had painted. We learned how the brush stokes affect the way the painted sunset would look, so we used thick brushes with long horizontal strokes. Both of the sunsets are backgrounds to our silhouette pictures of The Iron Man and the cliff top. We had to think carefully about the detail and some of the small parts were tricky to cut out! Here are some of our images - they are really effective.

Our Spelling words for this week are:








Please bring them in for Wednesday next week!