Middle Street Primary School

Eco warriors


In Year 5, children are chosen to be Eco Warriors. They have to fill out a tough application form explaining what they would bring to the role. They are then responsible for lots of Eco issues around the school, including monitoring the recycling of waste, water usage and the school commute.

With the help of Mick Brazil, year 3 made up a song to encourage everybody to walk to school. They are presenting it to the school here.

We asked the children to snazz up their shoes for walk to school week. Here are all the children who took part. We were very impressed!

The Meercat was back in school today to encourage us all to walk to school. Thank you to all the staff and children who joined in with 'Wake and Shake' this morning!

Please enter our walking maps competition. If you win your picture will be turned into a real street sign and attached to lamp posts in our local area! How cool! 

At Middle Street we are trying hard to get more children walking, biking and scooting to school. The Eco warriors play a busy role in this plan. Please let us know if you are able to support our actions. We would happily welcome parent/carer volunteers to our team.


Imagine you are in a cafe.  You are asking for a hot chocolate or a cup of water.  Would you ask for a straw for your water?  Would you ask for your hot chocolate in a disposable cup?  

We hope not!  But, if so listen to this:

Plastic straws and disposable coffee cups are some of the worst things for the environment.  So next time you go to the cafe, bring a reusable cup and don't bother with a straw!

From Amelia, Amia, Theo and Jasmine.

Middle Street works hard to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.  Click on the links below to see animations Middle Street children made with Dan Evans of Tilt, encouraging people to stop littering.


In October 2017, during Walk to School Week, the Eco Warriors filmed children as they walked to school with their parents.  Children had a surprise when they were greeted by the Walk to School mascot.

Our Eco Warriors are: