Middle Street Primary School



At Middle Street we are fortunate to have forged relationships with many local businesses and organisations. We welcome all support for our school fairs and events and if you would like to contribute in any way please do get in touch with the FFOMSS on admin@ptamiddlestreet.org.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

New Parents Handbook

A few questions and answers for new parents to Middle Street Primary School.

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How to get involved

All parents, guardians, teachers and staff at Middle Street Primary School are automatically considered members of the FFOMSS. There are two main aims of the FFOMSS. First, the Association wants to add to the sense of community within Middle Street, strengthening the bond between home and school by bringing parents, staff and children together informally outside the structure of the curriculum. Second, the FFOMSS raises money for extra-curricular school facilities. Please look out in the Friday News for details of our meetings and events or contact the FFOMSS on admin@ptamiddlestreet.org. Everyone welcome.